XStation 2

The X-Station 2 is a versatile intelligent time & attendance terminal that supports RFID cards, Mobile Registration as well as QR codes. The X-Station offers ultimate flexibility in terms of credential options and system design.

FaceStation F2

Face Recognition for indoor and outdoor use! This extremely fast terminal can be used for acccess control, time registration and attendance. Next to face recognition it is also possible to register with your mobile phone, card, code and/or fingerscan.

Our Retail Solutions

Retail companies have many different opening and supply hours. Changing shifts, employees and locations pose a challenge in the field of time registration, attendance and access control. Managing access control and time registration is a (time) intensive job. In this short video we would like to show you our solution.

Mobile Access & Time Registration

Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, register attendance, register time and more.

AirFob Patch

Mobile access control & time registration is now available at EasySecure. Next to our own scanners it is now possible to add mobile credentials to existing card readers by using the AirFob Patch. Take a look at the video to see how this works.

Wireless Access Control

Expand your current access control system and operate more doors with your existing access cards and EasySecure software!

Axis Integration

Did you know that Axis access control products are available in our cloud software? The Axis integration makes it possible to add license plate recognition, intercom systems and various card readers in your cloud environment.

Our Solutions

We are regularly asked if we have a brief overview of the solutions we offer. This is to get an impression of the different possibilities without going deep into the subject matter. That is why we have created this video!

XPass 2

The new Suprema XPass 2 reader is now available at EasySecure. The new addition of IP readers offers extensive possibilities. The XPass 2 is available in 3 models to meet different project requirements and installation environments.

EasySecure & DOM Offline

DOM available in EasySecure - both online and offline! The system can also be managed completely offline. Do you want to manage your doors digitally from your cloud environment? Do you want to easily assign cards and access rights? Do you want to view your log data online? This is all possible without any cabling!

Why cloud software?

Cloud is fast becoming "the new standard". An estimated 95% of all companies now use at least one cloud service. Why do so many companies switch to the cloud? We will tell you more in the following video.

EasySecure & DOMConnect

Take your existing security system to the next level with EasySecure and DOMConnect. With this digital upgrade you can expand your current system with doors and other access points such as lockers, which previously could not be managed.


The Suprema FaceLite is a compact face scanner with optimum recognition. The FaceLite offers unrivaled matching speed and accuracy. The scanner offers unique performance and usability for various access control and time registration sites, large or small.

EasySecure & Biometrics

Would you like to know why EasySecure and biometrics is a perfect combination? Would you like to know why biometric scanners are cheaper, fast and more transparent compared to keys or card system? Then take a look at the following video

EasySecure and the power of integrated software

Do you want to know why general software is less powerful than specialized software? Do you want to know why integration is so efficient? Then take a look at the following video

EasySecure for the Manufacturing Industry

Do you want more control over the actually booked hours compared to the hours worked? Do you want your management to approve faster? Do you always want to work with correct and identical data? This is now possible with EasySecure.

EasySecure & Hosting

We have a high regard for safety and privacy. We therefore opt for the best security and work together with the best hosting parties and the latest technologies. Want to know more? Please take a look at the following video.

EasySecure & Integration with Planning

We believe in the ‘best of breed’ solutions. What does this mean? There is a huge diversity of excellent software available for different sections. For instance, consider the best planning/scheduling program. Want to know more about the integration of EasySecure with planning? Then please watch the following video.

EasySecure in Retail

Do you want to reduce the chance of theft in your store, do you want to make expensive key plans and administration unnecessary and do you want to work with the right information? That is all possible with EasySecure! Want to know more? Take a look at the following video.

What is EasySecure?

EasySecure Software is a software package for access control, time registration, attendance, project registration and visitor management in the cloud. Registration can be done with biometrics; fingerscan or face recognition but can also be done by using a code or card. Want to know more? Watch the video "What is EasySecure?" (Previously known as IdentySoft)


The latest FaceStation 2, the world’s best performing face recognition terminal, is now available! The FaceStation two is the fastest and most advanced facial recognition terminal in the world. The device is extremely fast and can be used for access, time and attendance. The device is also equipped with a card reader and a intuitive touchscreen.

BioLite N2

The BioLite N2 has a fingerprint reader, access code and multi-card reader. The scanner is extremely fast and can be used with our software solutions or standalone. Next to access control you can also use this scanner for basic time and attendance registration by using the two F-Keys.

BioEntry P2

The Suprema BioEntry P2 is the successor of the BioEntry Plus. The P2 uses the latest biometric techniques and ensures lightning fast recognition in a beautiful design. In addition to optimal biometric recognition, this scanner also includes a multi-card reader and NFC capabilities. The P2 has an internal memory and is connected to our software via the network.
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