Our solution - Attendance

Attendance overviews are mandatory for many organisations. The most up-to-date software applications make the solution of EasySecure International quick and easy to implement and you can track attendance on the basis of biometrics, card, mobile phone and/or PIN, in different locations and departments.

The software means you never have to look at a notice board anymore, information can be accessed by everyone on their PC, tablet or smartphone. Management, receptionists and employees in the warehouse can access information. From other locations as well (for instance at home), it is possible to see who is present in which branch and in which department. Naturally, you can determine what information can and cannot be accessed for each employee.

In addition to attendance, EasySecure can also provide digital information about, for example, which emergency response officers are present as well as other qualifications and can create overviews of these. An ideal solution that makes your (required) work much easier and more enjoyable!

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