We believe in the ‘best of breed’ solutions. What does this mean? There is a huge diversity of excellent software available for different sections. For instance, consider the best HR package, the best scheduling package etc. Since the full acceptance of cloud, ‘Best of Breed’ solutions are without a doubt the best solutions for organisations. Now, each organisation can select the best solution for each section (HR, Scheduling, Time Tracking, Access). By integrating these, you achieve an ideal solution with perfect synergy. 

EasySecure International opts for integration and so delivers the perfect package. You select the best solutions specifically focussed on your type of organisation. As a result of the integration options, this produces a well coordinated solution.

In the Windows period, this could result in high costs and lengthy periods of implementation. The use of cloud and your conscious choice for EasySecure International, which works with more than 50 leading cloud partners (number continues to grow), makes implementation fast, manageable and affordable. It offers you optimum results and systems that fit together seamlessly. Examples of integration include scheduling, HR, alarm systems, lockers, key cupboards and camera events.

Are you interested in having ‘the best of different worlds’? We’re happy to assist! Please contact us for more information!


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