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You know better than anyone that the (international) competition in the manufacturing industry is constantly increasing. Borders hardly exist anymore. Cost saving, efficiency and digitization are important components to be and remain competitive.

Change is something that is not welcomed by everyone. Employees are oftenly used to the way they work and have been registrering on paper for years. This naturally increases the risk of errors and takes a lot of time (the data must eventually end up in a software system) this is oftenly seen as less important. Information is increasingly becoming more important. Fast and correct information is a standard condition and that is exactly what our solutions for project & product registration offers!

Our project registration makes it possible to book hours on projects, sub projects or customers, projects, and activities.

  • The bookings are online, so all overviews are up to date at any time of the day.
  • Booking extra hours on a project is no longer possible when a project or a month has been closed.
  • The booked hours can easily be sent via a web service to your ERP package. The employee data can be imported from your HR package.
  • The employee registers at the terminal by using pin, card, fingerprint and/or face. This technique allows the employee to only book on current projects and only the activities that he or she can carry out.
  • You will never have wrong bookings / clocked hours on closed projects, wrong projects or wrong activities.

By registering all the projects you can reduce the risks of incorrect bookings on closed projects or activities. All of our users are enthusiastic because it is a profitable solution. There is a favorable ROI. 
You can find our project registration brochure with all information via the link below:

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