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As an organization you only have one chance for a first impression. A visitor feels welcome when he or she is expected. In addition, there are various legal obligations (GDPR) where visitor registration is mandatory.
Also; when an accident or other calamities occur you also need to know which visitors are present in the building.

In most cases this has been filled in by means of a registration form at the desk. Upon entering the building, you register with your name, company, contact person and possible extra information. This is currently the standard but not very friendly for your visitors. In addition, everyone can view all previous visitors through this same form, you have no possibility to pre-register and you do not have a digital visitor report.

This can be different! Our software has the ability to register visitors. A number of advantages:

  • By recording everything on paper there is no insight into the attendance or the history of the visitors. In our software you can find all information via the reports.
  • There is a preregistration portal for visitors where it is possible to add all the necessary information in advance to a visit.
  • Digital registration is also possible by using a tablet or a touchscreen. This replaces the piece of paper placed at the reception desk.
  • It is possible to read the safety instructions or register parking space in advance of a visit.
  • It is also possible to comply with GDPR legislation and registration requirements.
  • Access control can be prepared in advance of a visit. You can make sure a visitor card is waiting when your guests arrive.
  • The software gives an direct overview of all upcoming and past visits.

Visitor management is a standard module within the EasySecure Software and can easily be added to your environment for access control, time, attendance and project registration. This module can also be used separately.

Through a personal registration page it is possible to register your visitors. The page can be delivered in your own style and with the fields custom to your company. From now on it is possible to register visitors in advance in your cloud environment, on arrival or in person.

Want to know more about visitor registration or would you like to receive a demonstration of our solution? We are happy to assist!


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