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Registration is a constant challenge for the hotel and resort industry: it needs to deal with access to rooms and suites at multiple locations, as well as access to other facilities such as gyms and conference rooms. There is also time and presence registration and access control for employees and suppliers.

Access management for hotels, apartments, holiday homes, boutique hotels, and B&Bs tends to be highly intensive. It requires a significant investment in terms of both time and energy.

Bookings are often registered manually for guest access to the room, while a separate system is used for employee access control. In many cases, there is a third system to register employee work hours.

Integrated Solution
EasySecure International believes in the value of integration and offering the ideal package. You select the best solutions specifically tailored to your sector and organization. Thanks to the integration options, this produces a well-coordinated solution.

Our cloud software is linked to various property management systems such as Mews. Reservations are instantly available in our cloud software and are automatically linked to the right room and facilities. All you have to do is send a digital access card or present your guests with a physical room card.

The software is seamlessly integrated with software packages for staff planning and remuneration. New employees are automatically sent to our application with no double data entries. Employees are granted automatic access to the right portals, and the registered work hours are instantly forwarded to your planning package for further processing and remuneration.

Upon termination of employment or following a change in the reservation, a notification is automatically sent to our software.


Access Control
The ideal access control solution consists of the right components for you. With our cloud software, you can choose from our wireless cylinders, wireless door fittings, wireless lockers, card readers, keypads, vehicle registration, fingerprint scanners, and face recognition scanners. Registration is possible via mobile phone, cards, tags, face or fingerprint recognition, vehicle registration, and/or codes.

The software overviews provide instant insight into who has access to specific doors. The administrator can assign or revoke rights. In addition to being highly flexible, the system is extremely user-friendly.

Do you want to give a new guest remote access to an apartment or holiday home? Or grant an existing employee access to a different location? You can with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Register the guest in your cloud environment and instantly send a digital access card by e-mail. When they arrive, they can use their mobile phone to enter the building.

Time Registration
Instead of completing a list, accurate time registration is now possible via mobile phone, card, code, or fingerprint recognition. This process is used at the beginning and end of the day and to register breaks. The administration department no longer has to request registration lists or follow up on missing hours, there are no more uncertainties, and fraud is a thing of the past. 

It's also possible to instantly forward the registered times to your planning and remuneration software.

Presence overviews are mandatory for many organizations. In the event of an emergency, you want to be able to see who is in the building at the touch of a button. A presence overview can be instantly accessed on a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

In addition to presence, EasySecure can provide digital information about which emergency response officers are present.

Multiple locations
EasySecure cloud software gives you an instant overview of the access control, time registration, and presence registration across all locations. Location managers can be granted management rights for their own location and the HR department can be granted access to the time registration data. The software is completely role-based.

The advantages at a glance

  • Flexible registration for guests and employees
  • Easy cloud management
  • Easy management across multiple locations
  • Integration with property management
  • Integration with planning and remuneration
  • No hassle with keys
  • More safety and a better overview
  • More control and lower costs
  • Real-time information
  • Less administrative hassle
  • Wireless access control, card readers, keypads, vehicle registration, and biometrics

Used by 

  • Amrath Hotels
  • Postillion Hotels
  • Golden Rock Resort


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