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Picture this: you pull into your driveway and open your gate remotely using your mobile phone. You open your front door using your phone, a fingerprint scanner, or face recognition. You do the same to disable your alarm. Yours is the epitome of a smart, secure home!

No more lost keys
The children can leave the house without a key and enter it again using biometrics. Gone are the days of stuffing a bunch of keys into your gym bag. With a finger scanner or face recognition, you can open your door in no time. As an added bonus, these scanners are a great design feature for your porch or entrance hall.

Open the door for the babysitter, the cleaner, or guests with the press of a button, and lock it again after them.

Biometrics, card readers, and mobile solutions
We offer wide range of access control solutions with various registration options. Think: face recognition, finger scanners, mobile phones, cards, tags, and codes.

EasySecure International deliberately opts for integration to ensure the ideal package. Integrate your access control scanners with your alarm system, your camera system, or your demotics system. Disable your alarm using a face scanner or fingerprint scanner. The possibilities are endless and the solutions and extremely safe and easy to use.

The advantages at a glance

  • No hassle with keys
  • More convenience
  • More safety and a better overview
  • Sleek design
  • Smart living




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