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EasySecure und iLOQ bündeln ihre Kräfte, um die Zutrittskontrolle sicherer, nachhaltiger und benutzerfreundlicher zu machen

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Rotterdam, November 15, 2023 – EasySecure, a specialist in brand-independent cloud-based security software, is entering into a strategic partnership with iLOQ, a global pioneer in battery-free locking systems. EasySecure and iLOQ recognize a strong demand for sustainable and digitally managed locking systems. This collaboration combines iLOQ's innovations in cable-free and battery-free locking systems with EasySecure's comprehensive management platform.

"iLOQ is a market leader in digital locking systems, further strengthened by their ingenious battery-free concept. They truly offer a replacement for the traditional key, but with significant advantages." - Daan Kalkman, COO EasySecure

"EasySecure specializes in digital access management and integration with external software. iLOQ is a leader in battery-free and cable-free digital locking systems. Through integration with EasySecure, we are combining our strengths to optimally serve end-users' needs." -  Ferry Nekkers, Regional Sales Director Central Europe iLOQ

Benefits for Organizations

EasySecure and iLOQ believe that this collaboration enhances the growing market of access control in multiple ways:


In the traditional market with physical keys, the risk of key loss is always present. The loss of a single key compromises the entire security and necessitates a complete lock plan renewal. The partnership between EasySecure and iLOQ prevents this. In the event of losing an iLOQ key, user rights are immediately blocked, minimizing security risks. Both organizations are also at the forefront of cybersecurity and data privacy.

"iLOQ and EasySecure are both leaders in cloud-based services. We are both ISO 270001 certified and prioritize data privacy and GDPR compliance."
Ferry Nekkers, Regional Sales Director Central Europe iLOQ

More Sustainable

Traditional digital locking systems rely on mains power, wiring, or batteries. The collaboration between EasySecure and iLOQ offers the same benefits but without batteries and cables. iLOQ's sustainable concept opens locks using the kinetic energy generated by using the iLOQ S5 key or the antenna energy from a smartphone.

Contactless & User-Friendly

EasySecure allows customers to manage their complete access control online and remotely. Through the collaboration with iLOQ, both management and access for end-users become more straightforward. Administrators can easily grant and deny access rights through EasySecure's platform without the need to be physically present. Additionally, end-users only need their smartphones for access.

"The trend in the access control market demands integrations—to bring together all different access methods into one comprehensive control system. Both wireless and contactless, as this saves our customers a significant amount of time."- Daan Kalkman, COO EasySecure

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For more information about this collaboration and the solutions offered jointly by EasySecure and iLOQ, please contact:

Daan Kalkman, COO
+31(0)85 01500 00

About EasySecure 

EasySecure is a specialist in cloud-based access management, offering organizations the ability to integrate all aspects of security into one comprehensive platform. EasySecure seamlessly integrates hardware from various vendors and is easily connectable with external software to automate time-consuming processes.

It offers solutions in:

·  Access control & registration

·  Time registration 

·  Attendance registration

·  Visitor registration

About iLOQ

iLOQ is a market leader in battery-free and cable-free digital locking systems. As leading innovators in energy harvesting, iLOQ enables locks to open with the energy generated by inserting an iLOQ key or with the energy from a smartphone antenna. iLOQ is an international player operating in more than 30 countries.

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