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On this page you can find more (technical) information regarding the products of EasySecure International. Please take a look at our main brochures for more general information about our products. More specific information about the different solutions can be found on the following pages:


BioEntry P2

Indoor scanner with fingerprint, card reader and NFC.

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BioEntry W2

Outdoor scanner (IP67), anti-vandalism, PoE, finger- and cardreader. 

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BioLite N2

Outdoorscanner (IP67), fingerprint, pincode, cardreader, bluetooth low-energy and NFC. 

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BioStation 2

Time registration terminal suited for outdoor use (IP65). Contains a touchscreen, PoE, fingerscanner, keypad and cardreader. 

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BioStation A2

Time registration terminal with touchscreen, PoE, fingerscanner, cardreader and keypad. Up to 500.000 users can be saved in this device. 

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BioStation L2

Time registration terminal with fingerscanner, cardreader and keypad. 

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Intelligent door control for biometrics and external readers via a centralized access control system.

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DOM Cylinder Wireless

Wireless Cylinder with the highest safety certifications, such as VDS, SKG, IP, T90, this cylinder meets all European standards. 

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DOM Guard Wireless

Meet the Guard - proof that a product can be strong and durable, without renouncing a sleek and stylish design.

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DOM Guardian Wireless

The DOM Guardian offers all the features of the DOM cylinders, but now in a complete digital door fitting. Perfect for areas that require an attractive access control solution with a high level of security and ease of use

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DOM LoQ Wireless

With ENiQ LoQ you can integrate your lockers or cabinets in your EasySecure Access Management system easily.

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This face scanner offers exceptional performance and usability for various access control and time registration sites, large or small.


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FaceStation 2

The latest FaceStation 2, the world’s best performing face recognition terminal.

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XPass 2

The XPass 2 is a multi-cardreader for indoor and outdoor use. This anti-vandalism scanner has been rated IP67 and has PoE. The scanner is available in 3 different models:  mullion, gangbox and gangbox with a keypad. 

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XPass S2

Multi Cardreader that can be used indoor and outdoor (IP65). Has a slim design, large capacity and is very cost efficient. 

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Time registration terminal with cardreader. Has a touchscreen and a very slim design. 

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