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Experience more control.

Secure and flexible registration with endless integration possibilities.
foto 1 cloud platform

Experience more control.
The EasySecure platform makes management so much easier.

Get to know our scalable
and innovative (cloud) platform
for access control, time registration,
attendance and visitor registration

Secure and flexible registration
with endless
integration possibilities.

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What our customers say.

"If there is something wrong and you call them, they pick it up right away. If, for example, we have a problem with the system in a room, they're not afraid to supply a few extra hands to solve the problem. They think about the big picture and your business."

Yoeri van Meurs
Golden Rock Resort

"EasySecure looks beyond their own book and are reliable in terms of support and troubleshooting."

Jeroen Witters
Katoen Natie

"EasySecure still thinks along with an organisation and gives honest advice to achieve the best possible solution. Everything runs smoothly and the organisation as a whole is very flexible, also in terms of out-of-the-box thinking, which makes the solution feel tailor-made.

We have been working very happily with EasySecure for several years at our various locations throughout the Netherlands for access control and time registration, linked to our desired ERP & registration system."

Jan Peter van de Vegte
Panelen Holland

"We were looking for an access control system that does not give our members and visitors the feeling of being 'controlled'. With EasySecure, we have found a solution that leaves an impression of comfort and ease of use for our users.

For example, our members and pre-registered visitors can access FT-CLUB Walburg via their smartphone. In addition, EasySecure allows our team to fully focus on what they do best: providing optimal support for our members!

Arjan van Dorp
FT Club

"EasySecure offers a complete access control software platform that can be easily integrated with other registration systems."

Marcel Boel
DOM Security

"EasySecure, with an integrated access control solution, has given us more control within our organisation."

Jan Plat
Platvis Holland

"Everything with EasySecure works fine and has been a good step. Especially because of the integration with YourSoft.
EasySecure has given us control over attendance and automatic (working) time registration."

Toine Brouwers
Brouwers Transport

Link your systems with EasySecure and choose the most suitable solution yourself. More than 100 integrations are available as standard.

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