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Register (work) times or open the door by mobile phone, finger, face, QR, card, code or license plate.

Mobile Phone

With EasySecure Mobile Access, you can use your own smartphone as a key to access doors and record time and attendance.

Finger scan

Your finger is the key. Place the finger on one of our scanners to open the door or register presence.

Face recognition

Contactless and super fast. Open the door and/or register presence based on the face.

Card / Tag

All our scanners for access control, attendance and time recording are equipped with a multi-card reader. (Almost) all card types are available.

QR Code

Send a QR code by e-mail. Contactless and fast. Ideal for visitor management and temporary access to locations.


Register an access code at the push of a button.

Uitgebreide zoekfilters




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