Innovative electronic locking systems, integrated into your all-encompassing control center.

DOM & EasySecure

Access in your hands

DOM provides the hardware, EasySecure the comprehensive software.  The result?

A fully integrated access system suitable for every building, every door, and every user. Save time and costs without compromising on safety. No more difficulties with physical keys and complicated key management plans. You decide who gets access, DOM & EasySecure do the rest.


DOM delivers secure digital locking systems that make physical keys obsolete. Easily opened with your smartphone, card, or transponder. Need different access methods? No problem. DOM offers an extensive range of digital locking systems. From padlocks to furniture locks. From cylinder to wall terminal. Easily combined with products from other suppliers with EasySecure. The possibilities are therefore endless.


EasySecure integrates your complete access system into one user-friendly platform. It's your control center for everything about access, security, and time registration. Cloud-based and infinitely flexible. You decide which components you integrate into the EasySecure platform:

  • Access control & registration
  • Time registration
  • Attendance registration
  • Visitor registration

Because it's not dependent on one supplier, EasySecure always finds the ideal security solution for your organization. Combine DOM hardware with products from ILOQ, Suprema, Axis, or other suppliers? Or are you looking for a combination of license plate registration, time registration, and locking systems that can be opened with a smartphone? Grant and remove access rights with one click? EasySecure makes it possible.

Smarter, faster & safer: The benefits

  • All possible ways to open doors in one platform
  • You choose the DOM products; we integrate them into our platform
  • Easy to combine with our other time-saving solutions
  • DOM's plug & play technique makes replacing existing cylinders with digital ones simple
  • Locks can be opened with a smartphone, card or transponder
  • Communication is fully end-to-end encrypted
  • No hassle with physical keys
  • Easy to integrate with external systems

Easily integrated with other software 

There's always a smarter way. EasySecure makes it easy to integrate your current software with our platform. Automatically add new employees who immediately get access. Integrate with your HR or planning system to synchronize staff data. Or integrate with your PMS or reservation system to automatically grant access to upcoming guests. All with one goal: To save you from doing unnecessary work.

The control is in your hands

DOM offers a wide range of products to make your access control more efficient. Faster and more clear. Without the frustrations that come with physical keys.


The all-round digital cylinder from DOM that does what it needs to do: Ensuring your safety. Programmable and easy to integrate into EasySecure’s software platform. Opened with a smartphone, card, or transponder. Easily adjustable in length, making the replacement of traditional cylinders a breeze.


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DOM ENiQ Guard

The traditional door handle. But digital. With 16 different variants, there's always one that fits your door. Usable with or without profile cylinders and available in indoor and vandal-resistant outdoor variants.

DOM ENiQ Guard

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A furniture lock, but digital. The DOM ENiQ LoQ integrates your lockers or cabinets easily into your complete access control center. Fits perfectly on any locker, cabinet, or drawer, regardless of the material.


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DOM ENiQ AccessManager

DOM's most comprehensive access control system. Open sliding doors, garage doors, and gates. Turn on lights or activate alarm systems. This smart wall reader makes it possible.

DOM ENiQ AccessManager

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