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Our solution - Access control

EasySecure International offers a suitable access control system for your company in transport and many other businesses. With a finger scan or mobile registration, for example, you regulate who has access to certain buildings and areas and who does not. Forget passes, codes and tokens: like many other companies in transport, switch to access control via biometrics or the mobile phone! Such access control is becoming an increasingly important component for directors and management of various companies, both in transport and other industries. This is partly due to the rising number of part-timers and the increasing number of organisations in buildings. Consider catering, external IT staff and security, for example. The 24-hour economy has also changed things. People need to enter the building earlier and do not want to be kept to fixed hours as much, which means that leaving later is also much more common.

We provide an efficient transport access control system

Traditional access systems are difficult to secure. Keys, passes, codes, magnetic cards: all these are transferable and thus easily fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, have an access control system from EasySecure International installed. We supply the most innovative access control systems, including for companies in the transport sector. Think of facial recognition or finger scan technology. Look into the camera or place your finger on the scanner to open the door easily and quickly. Mobile phone registration is also very personal. One does not easily lose a mobile phone. In addition to an access control system based on biometrics or the mobile phone, we also have solutions available with a personal card, tag and/or code, which of course also offers various advantages for companies in the transport sector, among others. With our software, you can choose from finger scans, face recognition, card readers, code terminals, wireless cylinders and wireless door fittings. The ideal access control system, for your company in transport for example, is a combination of the right components.

Biometrics-based access security

Using facial recognition or fingerprints, an access control system checks whether someone has access to the building or other services within your logistics company. These access control systems offer many possibilities for offices, data centres, industry, gyms and transport companies, among others. Because biometrics are person-related, it becomes impossible for unauthorised people to enter buildings and/or use your services without your knowledge. This therefore significantly optimises your corporate security. Moreover, an access control system supplied by us works quickly and easily. For example, someone with the right rights can be immediately entered (and removed again) in our access control system. As a result, control works quickly and efficiently. Our biometric solutions offer the best and fastest recognition. We convert biometric features directly into a unique code that can never be traced back to an image of a finger or face. Recognition is unique but never reducible to your print! Of course, in addition to biometrics, each scanner has an alternative with a card reader and registration via mobile phone. With us, you choose between Suprema access control and RFID access control, among others.

Why an access control system from our company is the best

When it comes to access security, the best choice is EasySecure International. Why? Among other things, because we ensure fast implementation of access control, we use wireless products, we can easily install access security on any existing door and because we do not cause any damage during our work. Our basic solutions are very (price) competitive and lay the foundation for later integration with the complete IT infrastructure, including cameras, lockers, time registration systems and alarms. Because of our extensive software capabilities, an access control system from us is very suitable for organisations with multiple locations, e.g. transport companies. But think also of head offices that want to see the information from all branches, employment agencies that want to see the hours and attendance per location in advance, as well as organisations that work on different projects and want to keep an overview. All available information is real-time. Of course, it is possible to run an overall overview, e.g. per location or per department.

Contact us for a customised access system

Are you curious about the possibilities for a (biometric) access control system for your company in transport or another industry? Or would you like to know more about specific access control, such as facial recognition, the finger scan or our wireless applications? We would be happy to tell you more about our customised solutions. Call us today on +31(0)85 01500 00 or fill in the contact form.

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