Battery-free locking systems integrated into your all-encompassing control center.

iLOQ & EasySecure

Access in your hands

iLOQ supplies the hardware, EasySecure the all-encompassing software. The result?

A fully integrated access system suitable for every building, every door, and every user. You save time and expenses without compromising on safety. Stop struggling with changing batteries or losing physical keys. You decide who gets access; iLOQ & EasySecure do the rest.


iLOQ provides secure digital locking systems without the bother of batteries. It transforms smartphones into keys that power the cylinders. And if you rather work with keys instead, special iLOQ keys open locks with the energy of movement. Therefore, it still works in the event of a power failure.


EasySecure integrates your complete access system into one user-friendly platform. It is your control center for access, security, and time registration. Cloud-based and infinitely flexible. You decide which components you integrate into the EasySecure platform:

  • Access control & registration
  • Time registration
  • Attendance registration
  • Visitor registration

EasySecure is easy to connect to your current software systems and saves time and frustration. It prevents double work and human errors.

Because it is not dependent on one supplier, EasySecure always finds the ideal security solution for your organization. A combination of license plate registration, time registration, and battery-free locking systems that can be opened with a smartphone? Give and remove access rights with one click? EasySecure makes it possible.

Smarter, faster & more sustainable: The benefits

  • Every possible way to open doors in one platform
  • The hardware of your choice is integrated into our platform
  • Easy to combine with our other time-saving solutions
  • The locks are battery-free and are powered by kinetic energy or energy from your smartphone
  • Open locks with a smartphone or unique iLOQ key
  • Fewer maintenance costs and no battery waste
  • Access rights are shared directly over-the-air
  • Easy to integrate with external systems

For organizations that don't want to waste time

iLOQ's battery-free technology is ideal for organizations looking to digitize their access management. iLOQ's systems are safe, sustainable and save time and frustration.They can be opened with kinetic energy from an iLOQ key or the NFC chip of a smartphone. This makes iLOQ specifically suitable for the following sectors:

Residential and commercial buildings

No more hassle with lost physical keys that must be handed over to a new tenant. Your complete employee or tenant database in one digital platform.


Is a tenant leaving? Easily remove them from the system, and their access rights will be removed automatically. Register new tenants or employees in the system, and they will automatically gain access with their smartphone or iLOQ key.

Utility companies such as telecom network services, network operators, and datacenters:

Utility companies often have external power cabinets or storage areas that must be locked for safety reasons. These only open when needed, making battery-powered digital locking systems inconvenient since they expire.


iLOQ makes it easy to grant access rights without relying on a battery or physical keys. This saves time, costs, and frustration.

Contractors and utility construction:

As a contractor, you are responsible for the safety of your construction project. Not an easy task when dozens of subcontractors enter the construction site daily.


EasySecure has developed a specific construction module that simplifies granting access to subcontractors without physical keys and registration papers. As a contractor, you can build a contract chain foreach project that automatically sends invitations to your subcontractors.


Do they need access to the construction site?Then they can request digital access via the EasySecure platform. As a contractor, you only have to click on accept or decline. This saves time, costs, and frustration.


As a care provider, you don't want to depend on the resident to open the door. The collaboration between EasySecure and iLOQ makes it possible to grant special access rights to healthcare providers so they can always enter when the health situation requires it.

Easy to integrate with other software

EasySecure makes it easy to integrate your current software into the platform. Automatically add new employees who get instant access.Integrate with your HR or scheduling system to sync workforce data. Or integrate with your PMS or reservation system to automatically grant arriving guests access.

All with one goal: to relieve you of unnecessary work.

Battery-free locking systems that make your life easier

iLOQ offers a plethora of products to make your access management more efficient and smoother. Without the frustrations that batteries give.

iLOQ S50

iLOQ cylinders and locks do what they are supposed to do: ensure your safety. Only they do it battery and cable-free. Programmable and easy to integrate into EasySecure's software platform. It can be opened with a smartphone, even during a power failure.

Do you already use other digital locking systems? No problem. EasySecure integrates multiple systems in one platform. So you can operate access control for your entire organization from one place.

iLOQ S50


iLOQ cylinders and locks that can be opened kinetically with special iLOQ keys, RFID tags, your smartphone, or even a pin code. Made of solid steel, so incredibly strong.

The energy required to grant access is generated by the insertion movement of the key or from a smartphone battery. If you use your smartphone as a key, it immediately ensures that the iLOQ locking system is up-to-date with over-the-air technology.

The ILOQ S5 products are easy to integrate into EasySecure's software platform, giving you full control over the access routes of your organization.


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