Daycare & Kindergartens

Contactless access control, mobile registration & integration.

Some advantages:

Hours processed more efficiently and effectively.

With EasySecure Cloud software, we offer one package for your access control, time registration and attendance at one or more locations.

No more fraud.

Is an employee leaving? This data is automatically transferred to our software and access is immediately blocked.

No hassle with keys.

The overviews in the software allow you to see at a glance who has access to certain doors. The manager can grant or deny access directly.

Registration is possible with a mobile phone, card, QR, finger, face or access code.

More safety and overview.

Attendance lists are a legal obligation for many organisations. In the event of an emergency, people want to see who is present at the push of a button.

More control and fewer costs.

EasySecure chooses integration and provides the ideal composition. You choose the best solutions that are specifically tailored to your industry and type of organisation.

Integrate with your planning and payroll software or import the data automatically from your HR environment.

Real-time information on hours worked.

Immediate overview of hours worked or employees currently at work.

Access Control, Time Registration & Attendance for Daycare

Access control is of utmost importance for kindergartens as the safety of our children is the greatest asset.

With an efficiently regulated access control system, daycare centers can effectively regulate and monitor who enters and leaves their premises and ensure that only authorized persons have access. This prevents unauthorized entry and reduces the risk of potential threats such as strangers, intruders or people with malicious intent entering the premises.

Access control also enables pre-schools to create a safe environment for children, staff and parents, providing a sense of trust and peace of mind. With just a few clicks you can add a new employee, supplier or child to the system. By attaching the card, tag or mobile phone, they can use the access control and register their working hours. You have insight into the attendance and access control at any time.

By restricting access to specific individuals and introducing features such as key cards and biometric identification, daycares can effectively control and manage their facility, ensuring the welfare and safety of the children under their care.

Integrated Solution

EasySecure deliberately chooses integration and ensures the ideal composition. You choose the best solutions that are specifically tailored to your type of organization. The integration options result in a single, coordinated solution.

We connect our cloud software with the appropriate systems, such as Nupian, among others. This makes it easy for institutions, municipalities, associations, and initiatives to manage their facilities.

The data stored there is exchanged through our interface, which allows us to grant parents and staff the appropriate access rights to the respective buildings. All you have to do is send a mobile access card or give your parents a chip card.

The software is seamlessly integrated with software packages for planning and payroll of your employees. New employees are automatically transferred to our application. There is no double data entry. Employees are automatically given access to the required doors and the registered working hours are immediately forwarded to your scheduling package for further processing and payment.

Is an employee leaving the company or is there a change in a child? This data is automatically transferred to our software.

Access Control & Attendance

The optimal approach to access control is a synergistic mix of different components. Our cloud-based software offers a wide range of options, including wireless cylinders, door handles, lockers, card readers, number pads, number plate registration, finger scans and facial recognition.

Enrollment can be conveniently done via mobile phones, cards, tags, faces, fingers, number plates and/or codes. The software provides comprehensive overviews that allows to quickly identify who has access to specific doors. Administrators can quickly grant or deny access as needed. The system stands out for its remarkable flexibility and ensures effortless and efficient use.

Running late today? No problem since parents can easily bring their children to the kindergarten even after the regular drop-off time. With the access control rights granted, you can easily enter the designated facilities.


Attendance lists are a legal requirement for many organizations. In case of an emergency, they want to see which children and employees are present in the building at the touch of a button. The attendance overview can be accessed directly via PC, tablet, or phone.

In addition to attendance, EasySecure can also provide the screens with information such as which members of the emergency team are present.

Multiple Locations

By using the EasySecure Cloud software, you have insight into access control, time always recording and attendance across all locations. If desired, the site manager can only manage their own site and the HR department can only view time and attendance data, for example. The software is fully role-based.

The advantages at a glance

  • Flexible registration for children (parents) and employees
  • Easy administration in the cloud
  • Simple administration across multiple locations
  • Integration with administration
  • Integration with planning and payroll
  • No hassle with keys
  • More security and overview
  • More control and lower costs
  • Information in real time
  • Less administrative work
  • Wireless access control, card readers, number fields, registration, and biometrics.

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