About BCS

The whole that pays off - an answer to every question, support for every HR strategy. Everything under one roof. That's what you'll find at BCS.

Since 1978, BCS has grown to become one of the larger payroll processing companies in the Netherlands. This has been achieved through a combination of years of market experience, knowledge of HR processes and regulations, personal service and modern HRM software.

In this way, the most suitable service can be offered to any organisation, large or small, in any sector. It is not just one element, but the whole that produces results. It is the big picture that pays off!

Synchronise employees with your Delta or Polaris environment and link time registration, attendance and access control with EasySecure.

Our integration - EasySecure - BCS Delta & BCS Polaris

EasySecure believes in best-of-breed solutions and is open to partnering with companies that add real value to our end users.

There are many excellent software solutions like BCS, all of which specialise in specific industries and business processes. By sharing this vision, we enable each other to focus on what we are good at. And we can both continue to build on our core competencies with the best possible products and services.

This has led to a seamless integration of EasySecure into both BCS Delta and BCS Polaris

EasySecure imports employees with employee number, first name, last name, contract start and end date into the EasySecure Cloud platform fully automatically.

When an employee joins an organisation and is entered into the BCS platform, that person is automatically in the EasySecure Cloud platform for access control, time registration and attendance.

In the EasySecure platform you can easily link in a registration tool. Registration for (working) time and access control is possible with a mobile phone, a card, a QR code, a finger, and a face.

When an employee registers start, stop and break times, this data is automatically forwarded to the BCS platform. Polaris and Delta take care of the processing.

Register working hours and open doors by mobile phone, card, code, QR, finger or face.

A few advantages

· More control and security through automatic blocking of access at the end of the contract

· Save time, no double entry of data

·The right registrations always in the right place on the desired platform

· Always a solution for your business, full flexibility in registration and hardware

· The best of different solutions combined

· Easy to expand

· Easy combination of access control and different enrolments in one comprehensive cloud platform

Visit the BCS website or make an appointment directly to familiarise yourself with our solution.