Booking Experts

The digital revolution has not passed the leisure industry. Modern technology offers more and better opportunities for improving reservation and access systems, allowing holiday parks, hotels and other organisations within the leisure sector to do even more work on hospitality.

The collaboration between Booking Experts and EasySecure shows how digital solutions for access control and booking reinforce each other. And how together they can create the ultimate Guest Journey for guests with fully contactless Check-in.


About Booking Experts - software for holiday parks and hotels

Most holiday parks face the same problems. Many different systems that work poorly together, resulting in unnecessary time managing your holiday park. Good news? Booking Experts solves the problem. Every day they help holiday parks, campsites, hotels and other rental organisations with an all-in-one booking system.

With the integration EasySecure - Booking Experts you can easily create the ultimate guest experience, with a simple yet unique contactless check-in.  FACE THE FUTURE !

Booking Experts & EasySecure

With the EasySecure - Booking Experts integration, you offer your guests contactless access to the holiday park, the booked holiday home and park facilities without guests having to visit the reception. Organise this easily, automatically for the guest, send the guest a mobile card, unique pin or QR-code, provide access with the license plate or provide access using facial recognition of the guest. In the latter case, a personal photo / selfie of the guest is converted into a secure face template. The guest can easily organise this himself from the My environment, no more spending passes, bands or code sand also no unwanted or non-paying guests within the park and facilities. This form of providing access guarantees the ultimate guest experience. For example, guests can go swimming or visit the other facilities beforehand until the holiday home is ready.


Our integration - EasySecure - Booking Experts

EasySecure is committed to best-of-breed solutions and is open to partnering with companies that offer real value to our end customer. There are many excellent software solutions available such as Booking Experts, all of which specialize in specific industries and business processes. Through this shared vision, we enable each other to focus on what we are good at. And we can both further develop our core competence with the best possible products and services.

This has resulted to a good integration with Booking Experts.

EasySecure automatically imports reservations from Booking Experts. The software imports the following data:

  • Reservation number
  • First name
  • Lastname
  • Reservation start date
  • Reservation end date
  • Number of guests
  • Standard access group for access to general facilities such as the swimming pool, fitness or other facilities
  • Standard access to own accomodation
  • Automatic creation of a mobile card to open the door with the mobile key
  • Automatic sending of an invitation to guests to upload a photo or take a selfie for facial recognition
  • Creation of (mobile) access cards directly during booking within the booking experts
  • Integration possibilities with 3rd parties to use the mobile card in a custom app for the leisure park or hotel

Any changes to the reservation are of course immediately synchronized with our EasySecure platform.


Some advantages

  • Personal access control, time tracking, attendance and visitor registration in a traditional or innovative way
  • All this seamlessly linked and easy to manage from the My environment
  • Personal registration with facial recognition. Take a selfie and authorise contactless access at lightning speed
  • The best of multiple solutions combined
  • Create a fully automated contactless check-in without intervention from a reception desk
  • Use a smartphone as a digital key