company to cloud

company to cloud GmbH

company to cloud GmbH is an innovative provider of ERP software solutions for companies in the construction industry. Our mission is to support companies in their digital transformation and to make their business processes more efficient and cost-effective.  

c2go is a fully integrated, modular ERP system that covers the most important business processes from customer management, order management, document management, time recording to capacity planning. In addition, we offer comprehensive and user-friendly video documentation, which enables our customers to implement defect management in a legally secure and simple manner.

One of the strengths of c2go is the integration of automation technologies into business processes. By automating routine tasks and optimising workflows, companies can save valuable time and resources and focus their employees on more strategic tasks.

c2go is mobile and location-independent, so employees can access important data from anywhere.

c2c & EasySecure

Both companies complement each other seamlessly and offer significant added value to joint customers. Combine time registration with the tracking of planned and actual time worked. Who is on the site at what time, and which employee has already left the site? In addition, relevant documents and documents can be uploaded and approved before the employee starts work. Together, c2c and EasySecure are revolutionising processes in the construction industry.