Does the person meet your requirements in terms of certifications? Has he followed a gate instruction, is he in possession of a valid VCA diploma, etc.? ...

You determine which certificates someone must hold to gain access. All your employees receive a Certification Passport in which all their certificates are registered. These are validated - where possible - for control purposes. On location, this passport is scanned and read. The certification passport in combination with fingerprint scanning is the perfect access control to keep unauthorised persons out.

Would you like to provide additional information before entering a room? Certwell Exam allows you to send out gate instructions and questionnaires as soon as the certification passport is scanned on site. This way, the employee in question is only granted access when the gate instruction has been shown or when the questionnaire has been sufficiently completed. This gives you even more control over access control, and you can be sure that everyone with sufficient knowledge and expertise enters the site.