cidaas - secure, fast and unmatched Swabian.

This is how modern Cloud Identity & Access Management works today!

cidaas delivers an out-of-the-box solution for federated identities, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. With cidaas, companies create unique user identification and highest security across all channels.

The leading European cloud identity and access management system is a product of Widas ID GmbH and is hosted and developed in Germany.

Based on the standards OAuth2.0, OpenID and its "Everything is an API" architecture, cidaas can be seamlessly integrated into any software landscape and scales effortlessly up to many millions of users.

In addition to the Customer Identity & Access Management and Workforce IAM solutions, cidaas offers a fully automated AutoIdent procedure with the cidaas ID validator.

This fully automated video-based legitimation is a verification solution that allows to check different identity documents in real time. As a European Cloud Identity & Access Management, we know and live the GDPR and fulfil other various certifications that confirm cidaas' commitment and compliance.

In a world in which digital transformation is becoming increasingly important, we are making our contribution with cidaas Identity Management by connecting the growing number of applications, devices, interaction channels and the associated identities on one platform. In doing so, the topics of security, scalability, flexibility and user convenience are our top priorities.

cidaas and EasySecure

Seamless integration, convenience for customers and users. Check documents in real time and grant automatic access based on the collected data. By analysing the documents, it is possible to check in no time at all whether a user fulfils the corresponding authorisations and thus authorisations can be granted automatically.