About DOM

DOM Security is an expert in developing and selling the besthigh-quality locking technology and access control solutions for various doors or objects. The product range extends from standard cylinder locks for homes to state-of-the-art electronic access control systems.


Together with their dedicated employees and experts, DOM continuously strives to innovate and develop access control solutions of the highest quality

Integrate DOM Digital Access Control products seamlessly into the EasySecure Cloud Platform. It’s easy and can be Plug and Play pre-configured.

DOM products in combination with the EasySecure platform offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible management that makes online, offline and OSSData on Card products interchangeable and open doors with a mobile ort raditional keycard.
  • Easy integration: integrate with your existing software systems or choose a package from the EasySecure Marketplace.
  • Secure communication: Communication is fully end-to-end encrypted (XSALSA20256bit)
  • Flexibility: By using DOM products within theEasySecure platform, you can use multiple hardware and software solutions interchangeably. Always a suitable solution, even with an eye to the future.
  • High quality products

DOM's integrated access control hardware can be used to secure any object, large or small. DOM products are excellent for organizations in the healthcare, retail and education sectors, as well as those operating leisureparks, campsites and swimming pools.

The EasySecure - DOM integration includes all ENIQ products:

  • Digital cylinder (DOM ENiQ Pro)
  • Digital interior door hardware (DOM ENiQ GUARD)
  • Digital external door fitting SKG*** (DOM ENiQ GUARDS)
  • Digital padlocks (DOM ENiQ LoQ)
  • Digital locker locks (DOM ENiQ LoQ)
  • Wall reader (DOM ENIQ Access Manager)