Dyflexis isthe complete workforce management system for optimal staffing, error-free timeregistration and transparent reporting. Including app for iOS and Android.

Dyflexis' workforce management software is used by thousands of businesses in themanufacturing & warehousing, retail & e-commerce, care & welfare, hospitality,and leisure industries.

Whether youare a local business with ten employees or an international chain with multiplebranches, Dyflexis is the answer to all your workforce management needs.


Dyflexis and EasySecure


Dyflexis is increasingly receiving requests for access control solutions. Although you canof course develop these yourself, Dyflexis was interested in partnering with a party that had already earned its laurels in this field. After some searching,a call was made to EasySecure asking if the two parties could reinforce each other. 

It clicked immediately, as both companies spotted each other's added value.

 Moreover,the technology (hardware, software, APIs) of Dyflexis and EasySecure speak the same language. It is also helpful that both companies operate largely in the same industries (retail, hospitality, leisure, manufacturing, and warehousing)and countries (the Netherlands and Germany) and therefore have sector and territory specific knowledge. 

In addition, the attention to and emphasis on quality is a unifying factor. Both companies strive for triple-A quality in hardware, software, and service.


Software Dashboard


Our integration - EasySecure - Dyflexis


EasySecure believes in best-of-breed solutions and is open to partnering with companies that add real value to our end customers. There are many excellent software solutions like Dyflexis, all of which specialise in specific industries and business processes. This shared vision allows us to focus on what we are good at. And we can both continue to build on our core competencies with the best possible products and services.


This has led to a good integration of access control with Dyflexis.


EasySecure automatically imports employees from Dyflexis. The software imports the following data:


  • Employeenumber
  • Firstname of the employee
  • Last nameof the employee
  • Contract start date
  • Contract end date
  • Standard access group for access control
  • Linked Mifare Classic access card from Dyflexis.


When an employee joins an organisation and is entered into the Dyflexis platform, that person is automatically in the EasySecure cloud platform for access control and attendance.


Through the Dyflexis time clock, you can link a Mifare Classic card to an employee. We also automatically synchronise the card data. The same card can now also be used forEasySecure access control. When an employee leaves the company, the card is immediately blocked again for access control.


Of course, it is also possible to link other registration methods to an employee.


The Mifare Classic access card or chip is automatically imported by Dyflexis. Furthermore,you can easily link other enrolment devices on the EasySecure platform. Registration for (working) time and access control is possible with mobilephone, card, QR-code, finger and face.


App Inbox


Time registration is also a possibility


If desired, it is also possible to use EasySecure time registration terminals. This may be necessary if the time registration is linked to an access control system. There may also be times when you want to register time using another means of registration method. For example, think of the mobile phone, QR-code or facial recognition. It is then also possible to connect the EasySecure terminals toDyflexis. When an employee registers start, stop and break times, this data is automatically passed on to Dyflexis for further processing.




  • More control and more security through automatic blocking of access at the end ofthe contract
  • Time saving, no double entry of data
  • The right registrations always in the right place on the desired platform
  • Always one solution for your company, full flexibility in registration and hardware
  • The best of different solutions combined
  • Easy to expand
  • Easy combination of access control and different enrolments in one comprehensive cloud platform