Save time & increase efficiency by managing your iLOQ solution in the EasySecure Platform.

Add integrations, license plates, biometrics and more.

The EasySecure Cloud platform specializes in access control, time registration, attendance and visitor management. The hardware independent SaaS platform now supports the iLOQ solution.

With our solutions you can choose from a wide range of intelligent cardreaders, finger scans, facial recognition, keypads, wireless cylinders and wireless door handles. Registration is possible with your mobile phone, license plate, card, tag, code, finger and / or face.

With the iLOQ integration we can now offer sustainable access management with battery-free cylinders. Combine your iLOQ hardware to the EasySecure platform for a number of benefits.

  • Easily manage your access controls and keys in one cloud system over all locations
  • 100+ standard integrations available
  • Combine different registration type and different hardware types in one platform.
  • Give your contractors and sub-contractors access to their own software area and allow them to request access and manage their own required documents. The perfect solution for construction and utility projects.

Save time and increase efficiency by integrating with 3rd party software. There are already 100+ default integrations available.

Some Examples:

  • Integrate with your Active Directory to automatically add new employees and block old employees. You can automatically generate mobile keys and manage your access.
  • Integrate with your HR or Planning system to synchronize employee data. You no longer have to manage the same information in multiple system.
  • Integrate with your PMS or Reservation system to automatically create keys for guests arriving to a resort, hotel or student housing.

Sustainable access management with energy-harvesting technology

For two decades, iLOQ has been leading the way in innovating battery-free technology that collects energy from our surroundings to provide you with the most flexible, scalable, smart and sustainable access management solutions.

The power needed for unlocking comes from the kinetic motion of inserting our key into the lock or from an NFC-compatible smartphone. All the solutions can be managed by the EasySecure Cloud platform.

Some iLOQ Benefits

  • Ideal for residential and commercial buildings
  • Ideal for utility providers (such as power production and distribution companies, telecom network services and data centers) and property services
  • Ideal for student housing and healthcare
  • Locks are powered by kinetic energy produced when inserting the digital key – no batteries or cables are needed
  • The locks can also be powered by your smartphone. The power needed to confirm access rights and open locks comes from a smartphone – no batteries or cables are needed
  • Cylinders are easy to install and can be fitted to any modern lock case without modifications
  • Maintenance costs reduced, and battery waste eliminated
  • The access rights of any lost key can be quickly and easily cancelled and securely reprogrammed in the EasySecure Platform.
  • Access rights can be shared instantly over-the-air
  • The whole solution can be managed by the EasySecure cloud-based SaaS platform
  • Easily Integrate with 3rd party systems.

Lifecycle cost savings

  • iLOQ needs no batteries or the manpower to change them
  • Large properties potentially save millions of euros in maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the locking system
  • Lost or stolen keys can be quickly removed from the system with no need to change the lock cylinders or reissue keys
  • With iLOQ S50, access rights can be shared in real-time over-the-air