Nostradamus, the operational management tool of today!

By planning efficiently, you can reduce your direct (wage) costs. The online software supports you with personnel planning, time registration and forecasting. With Nostradamus, your employees can use the app and/or site to check their availability, view their roster, pick up open shifts and check their worked hours anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, they have live insight into the holiday and overtime balances, which are automatically tracked.

Total management solution
With the Nostradamus management plan you create a planning based on last year's data. You make refinements according to your own insights, because you know your company best. Thanks to the prognoses, the planning becomes much better.Follow live the productivity of employees. So it turns out that a lot of people are working in a department with low turnover? Adjust immediately or deploy more people in a busier department. You can also easily use all these functionalities on your mobile phone. Use our app and get live insight into turnover, productivity and labour costs. Make adjustments easily, even when you are on the road or on location.