nupian GmbHis a software company from Augsburg with a focus on user-oriented onlinesolutions. As software specialists, Nupian develops and programs administrativeand event applications for municipalities and day care centres to make theirwork processes easier, more flexible and less time-consuming. User-friendlyprocesses are the top priority.

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The marketfor day care centre software is divided into three categories: Administration,central place allocation and parent communication.

The company nupian specialises in the administration area. The focus of the software is onuser-friendliness for the people who keep the Kita running. The software is a solution for all administrative tasks such as allocation of places or invoices,but also holiday planning for staff. A staff requirement plan helps the daycare centres to meet the respective staffing ratios.

first steps

About nupian and EasySecure

EasySecure imports the staff data master from nupian into its software environment. This avoids duplicate entries and errors. Existing information can thus easily be provided with additional registration forms for time recording and access control. Of course, this works for employees as well as for children.


- Flexible management of time registration and access control

-Administration and planning with individual task control

- More overview of internal processes

- Day care centre administration for all federal states