R&R develops and supplies software and services for workforce management (WFM). Our WFM software helps retail and food organisations to schedule their employees smartly and gives users insight into productivity and labour costs.

These insights enable managers and entrepreneurs to steer based on data, take action and implement changes in the process for better business results. This takes full account of contracts, laws and regulations and the desired service level.

On the other hand, the software offers the possibility to communicate with employees by means of a simple and user-friendly app. With the R&R Job App, employees always have insight into their schedule and working hours, personal details, hours worked and payment, they can indicate their availability, swap shifts, register presence and hours (clocking) and more. This gives employees more autonomy, transparency and clarity in the planning process.

R&R WFM B.V. is a company with about 50 specialised WFM employees and is part of Info Support International Group. Info Support is an international ICT company with more than 600 employees and is a well-known, reputable name in the market.