Shiftbase employee scheduling and time recording software.

Shiftbase is an online application in which your staff schedule can be created and managed. In addition, hours worked can be registered and personnel administration can be done.

Over 4000 businesses with between 4 and 2000 employees use Shiftbase! Our software is suitable for use in various industries.

Staff planning

Create flexible work schedules quickly and easily. Get insight into labour costs and allowances while scheduling. Let employees report their availability and take absences into account when creating work schedules. After you have created a schedule, you can easily share it with your employees.

Hour’s registration

You can track hours worked online. Have employees’ clock in hours with an on-site clock-in system (via the app or a time clock). Link your payroll with Shiftbase to reduce errors in the payroll process.

Leave registration.

Manage leave requests and holiday hours easily in our leave registration software. Employees can see for themselves how many holidays they have accrued and what their balance is. All leave requests are visible during scheduling.

Personnel administration

Manage all your employees' data centrally in one place. Store data such as contracts, certificates, skills and get alerts when they expire. Build your own personnel file on employee notes.


Make use of the many standard reports or use filters for insight into data you consider important. Real-time insight, easy to use and everything is exportable.

EasySecure & Shiftbase

Whenever our customers' staff scheduling and time registration is complex and therefore requires specialism, we like to work with Shiftbase. The new link ensures a seamless connection with EasySecure's access control system. This gives customers an integrated total solution for planning and time registration through access control.