About tamigo

tamigo is the solution in Online Workforce Management
tamigo simplifies the daily processes for the shop floor in an intuitive way - app, work schedules, modifications, absence / leave and actual hours - while supporting complex and in-depth components - CAO regulations, budgeting, forecasting, competence planning, (employee) productivity, wage and absence rates.


The real-time link with EasySecure gives our customers - in addition to optimal planning - control over the hours worked by their employees. This allows managers to make daily adjustments to the planning! Thanks to our international presence, we provide unlimited local support to customers in 14 countries.


tamigo's flexible platform ensures that both small customers (5 -10 employees) and international implementations at multinationals (5,000+ employees) gain maximum benefit for their business.

EasySecure- tamigo


EasySecure believes in best-of-breed solutions and is open to partnerships with companies that offer real added value to our end customers.


There are many excellent software solutions available just like tamigo, all specialised in particular industries and business processes. Through this shared vision we enable each other to focus on what we are good at. And we can both further develop our core competence with the best possible products and services.


tamigo and EasySecure work well together in the field of clock systems for the various registrations required (time registration, attendance, visitor management). Also, in the area of access control, tamigo & EasySecure can help with the best possible solution. There are currently 10 to 15 customers with multiple locations that use the combined services of EasySecure and tamigo. The most important added value for the customer is that by combining the strengths of the two specialists, they always benefit from the 'best of breed' principle: soft- and hardware specifically designed for the optimisation of a number of very specific business activities. A good example of a successful joint project is DAKA Sport & Lifestyle. EasySecure complements tamigo well with its hour registration solution.

The EasySecure - tamigo integration


With theEasySecure - tamigo integration, we automatically import employees from tamigo for one or more locations.


When a new employee is hired, he or she is also automatically entered into EasySecure. Does the contract change? Then we also update the employee in EasySecure. As soon as an employee leaves the company, we also automatically adjust the employee for access control and time registration.


We have, moreover, seamlessly integrated our time & attendance solutions with tamigo. Registration is possible with the mobile phone, code, card, tag, face, or finger. Start, stop, and break times are automatically transferred to tamigo. It is also possible to clock in at specific departments.


Besides the different fixed time registration clocks, we also offer the possibility to register time via an internet browser. This is ideal for smaller locations where a computer is already available. By means of a card or code, one can also clock in and out via a web page.


A few advantages


·        More control and security by automatically managing of access at the end of the contract


·        Save time, no double entry of data


·         The right registrations always in the right place in the desired platform


·        Time registration with start, stop, break times also on department level


·        Always a solution for your organisation, full flexibility in registration& hardware


·        The best of different solutions combined


·        Easily expandable


·        Easily combine access control and different registrations in one total cloud platform

Ensure highproductivity, streamlined data management and no double entry? tamigo staff scheduling and real-time datafrom EasySecure International foreven more control over the hours worked per employee and full cloud managementof access control within your organisation