WeMa Mobile

About WeMa Mobile

Software is omnipresent and has a huge impact on our daily lives.

Moreover, the smartphone has become an incredibly important tool with which we spend alot of time every day. The combination of a good technical system with ahigh-quality native app is crucial for the success of process optimisation, sales increase and experience.

The systems we script are very different, but we always have the end goal in mind.

That's why WeMa Mobile specialises in website customisation and linking. The most important thing is to create a successful system that seamlessly connects with what employees and customers want. WeMa Mobile believes that it is not the people who should adapt to the software, but the software to the people. This is how the most beautiful things are created.

Tap & Go - Use the EasySecure mobile accesscard in your own app.

This has led to a successful integration of EasySecure with WeMa Mobile.

Smartaccess systems and security measures are becoming increasingly important for businesses. After all, many organisations have to deal with an increasing number of visitors coming to their premises. Consider part-time employees, seasonal workers and the self-employed, but also visitors, guests, external IT staff or caterers.

Moreover, in the age of hybrid working, people no longer always enter and leave buildings at fixed times. People and companies demand more flexibility and user-friendliness from access systems without compromising security. Managing access control via the mobile phone is therefore a solution that is becoming increasingly popular.

Now use the smartphone as a digital key.

The smartphone is increasingly becoming the digital equivalent of a Swiss armyknife: we can do more and more with it. Listening to music, watching movies, surfing the internet and even holding meetings - it's perfectly normal for us to turn to our mobile phone for these things. So why not use this modern pocket computer to open doors, a function that is easily possible thanks to Bluetooth-technology in modern smartphones.

Our integration with WeMa mobile makes it possible to manage EasySecure's technology in its own app. For example, you can load the card into your own appfor employees or create the ultimate guest journey in a holiday park.

Guests, visitors and/ or employees are synchronised with the WeMa Mobile App. Companies can compile the app themselves at WeMa Mobile and add the desired functions.

For example, a holiday park where guests can check in with their reservation in advance and then have access to the entertainment programme, order from the bakery and open the doors at the same time via their own app. Contactless, personal and super fast.

It is also possible to combine the WeMa Mobile App with a facial recognition solution. Take a selfie in your individual WeMa Mobile App for easy access.

Personalregistration in a private app: with your mobile phone or via facial recognition.

Some advantages

  • Personal access control, time and attendance and visitor management with your mobilephone. All in your own customised application.
  • Person registration with facial recognition. Take a selfie and grant permission for fast contactless access.
  • Add the functionality you want in a custom app with your own logo. Create upsells or share additional information with guests, staff or visitors in real time.
  • By combining the app with access control, the app becomes necessary for daily use.
  • Combine the best of different solutions.
  • Create a completely contactless check-in without the need for a reception desk.