Finished with manually processing the registered hours? Too much time spent applying all the collective labour agreements, allowances and supplements? PayHoursNG' from YourSoft takes this work off your hands. EasySecure's time and attendance registration is so well integrated with PayHoursNG' that an optimal 'all-in-one' business process can be guaranteed. EasySecure and PayHours NG form a golden combination.


- Imports the hours from various hour registration systems (onboard computer, POS, healthcare files, etc.) for processing and calculation as a prelude to salary (payslip) processing;

- Calculates the hours via the applicable collective labour agreements and other calculation rules as a prelude to salary (wage slip) calculation;

- Provides pro-active alerts in case of deviations;

- Offers an occupancy overview and holiday planning;

- Can be expanded as all-in-one software with HRM and Payroll functionality, among others;

- Provides links to third party software such as Nmbrs, ADP, Afas, Payroll Administration, Exact,, SALAR software;

- Works with various TMS and other third-party software.

Depending on the segment, reports and dashboards make it clear what the results of the actions are. In the transport sector, for example, you can focus on the costs of hours worked and personnel costs. PayHours NG has an employee portal for Employee Self Service.

In the retail sector, staff occupancy planning is easily calculated. Specifically for social employment services, reintegration companies, community health services, health care institutions and similar organisations, the right parties are involved in the counselling of the client.

By working closely with its clients, YourSoft learns about their needs and interests on a daily basis, achieving better results every time. Listening to the customer brings the best results, is YourSoft's slogan.