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AXIS License Plate Recognition

The AXIS License Plate Verifier makes installing and managing an automated license plate reading solution a piece of cake.

Axis License Plate Recognition

AXIS License Plate Recognition

Effortless license plate recognition

  • Excellent for free flow up to 70 km/h
  • Ideal for vehicle access control
  • Easy access management via the EasySecure Platform

The AXIS License Plate Verifier is perfect for slow traffic and vehicle access control, making it easy to detect and read license plates. With this set, you create a simple solution for vehicle access control. With the AXIS License Plate Verifier, you can easily create a custom solution that perfectly fits your current and future needs.

Simple Registration

With the AXIS License Plate Verifier, installing and managing an automated license plate reading solution is a breeze. You can install the system in four easy steps:

  1. Set up the camera.
  2. Connect the relay to the Axis controller.
  3. Enter a list of license plates.
  4. Define the access rules in the EasySecure Platform.

Then you can start capturing license plates and verify them based on the list stored in the camera to determine if a vehicle may enter a controlled area.

Our custom sets with the AXIS P1465-LE-3 and AXIS P3265-LVE-3 cameras ensure easy installation.

The AXIS P1465 & AXIS P3265 Camera's are supported in the EasySecure Platform

Flexible & scalable

The AXIS License Plate Verifier is versatile and supports various security levels, ranging from basic entry and exit control to advanced access management. With its ability to read license plates at speeds up to 70 km/h, it is an ideal choice for identifying license plates in slow traffic.

This solution is seamlessly integrated into the EasySecure Cloud platform, allowing you to grant access to a new license plate with just a single click. The system also offers the possibility to easily expand with a card reader or other access control methods, which is a handy backup for situations where a more advanced solution is needed.

In addition, all data processing and storage takes place in the camera itself, eliminating the need for expensive servers and reducing bandwidth consumption.

A standard procedure for vehicle access

  • Add a license plate to the EasySecure Platform and link it to an access group.
  • The application interprets the license plate recorded by the camera.
  • The license plate is then admitted.
  • The AXIS controller immediately opens the gate or barrier.

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