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BioEntry W2

The BioEntry W2 is a high-speed fingerprint scanner. In addition to the fingerprint scanner, registration is also possible by card and smart phone.

BioEntry W2

The BioEntry W2 is the latest addition to our access control range. The W2 is very suitable for outdoor use and is therefore IP67-rated. This anti-vandalism scanner features a finger and card reader and up to 500,000 users can use the device.

Registration with: Finger scan, mobile phone and/or card.

ILOQ S5 Cylinder

The unique iLOQ cylinder is self-powered by harvesting electricity from digital key insertion.

ILOQ S50 Cylinder

iLOQ cylinders and locks do what they are supposed to do: ensure your safety. Only they do it battery and cable-free.

AXIS License Plate Recognition

The AXIS License Plate Verifier makes installing and managing an automated license plate reading solution a piece of cake.