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Pushing the boundaries of broadcasting - Plan4Flex

Planning, time registration, collective bargaining: Plan4Flex delivers complete software for companies with complicated planning issues or highly fluctuating schedules. This way, you arrange all your operational processes in one system, from registration to pay slip.

Hours registration is an important part of this. But for many companies, this is still a difficult job. Hours worked are sometimes still submitted on paper. Or via all kinds of different digital channels. Via e-mail, WhatsApp or phone. Your administration then has to copy those hours manually, which takes a lot of time and is very error-prone. That can be done smarter.

Plan4Flex's operational software has several solutions for this. For instance, your planning is automatically used as the basis for time registration. Employees indicate themselves which hours they have worked. Thanks to EasySecure's time registration system, you easily check up to the minute whether this is correct.

How does it work? An employee clocks in at the start of his shift with his badge, code or phone and clocks out again at the end of the working day. Because Plan4Flex's software runs on EasySecure's clock system, the registered hours are saved immediately. This saves a lot of time and greatly reduces the risk of errors.

This way, EasySecure and Plan4Flex make your time registration easier than ever!