All-in-One solution for Workforce Management

tamigo is a cloud-based workforce management solution. Since 2006, it’s been an indispensable partner to enterprise, mid-size and small businesses across Europe, mainly within retail and hospitality. Over 300,000 professionals use the solution every day.

With tamigo, companies optimise every personnel process. This includes shift planning, time and attendance, absence management, labour forecasting and payroll compliance. At the same time, staff get a user-friendly mobile app to organise their workdays.

It’s a modern, digital approach to workforce management. The key benefits tamigo’s customers experience? Reduced labour costs, improved collaboration and new insights into productivity. And, of equal importance, increased job satisfaction for their entire workforce.

Best-of-Breed: How tamigo and EasySecure reinforce each other

Where do clock ins and out go after they’re registered in EasySecure?

With this integration, they go directly into timesheets in tamigo. They’re then automatically split into all the correct wage components, including overtime, bank holidays, night hours and more, ready to export to your payroll system in a single click.

This transparent flow of data makes managing time and attendance a breeze. It’s much faster and more reliable than transferring data manually between systems or spreadsheets.

But the advantages don’t end there. Because start and end dates and contract changes are transferred the other way, from tamigo to EasySecure. This ensures access control is always up to date at all your locations.

Building blocks for good cooperation

When searching for and selecting partners, tamigo always takes a critical look at several important cornerstones for a good partnership.  

These are:

• Excellent functionality: The solutions and technologies must integrate flawlessly.

• International presence: The application can be used across borders, because tamigo is active throughout Europe.

• Innovative systems: The solutions continuously challenge the status quo.

• Good price-performance ratio: The costs are and remain affordable.  

• Correct linking of information sources: Data is always collected in real time.

• Confidentiality: All information is handled sensitively and in compliance with DSGVO.

EasySecure is a partner that meets all these criteria, so that both solutions complement and enrich each other perfectly.