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Top 10 Identity and Access Management!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

EasySecure is er trots op deel uit te maken van de top 10 Europese leveranciers van oplossingen voor identiteits- en toegangsbeheer voor 2019!

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Powering Access and Identity Management Processes

The demand for access control solutions is at an all-time high owing to the rising threat of cybercrimes and other illicit activities. As organisations tend to leverage different authentication methods for diverse environments, integration of all the authentication-based software with business processes is highly valuable. However, the main challenge for organisations in the identity and access management arena is using the right software with the correct employee registration for various environments. The need of the hour is a modernised, dynamic platform that can easily integrate with customers’ existing business processes, support multi-location companies, and add real value while creating safe environments.

This is precisely what EasySecure brings to the table!

Having been in the industry for over a decade now, the Netherlands-based EasySecure is well-positioned to offer novel hardware-independent software—IdentySoft that breaks the barriers of conventional access control and integration tools.

It all began in the year 2004 when the owners of the company noticed that the biometric products available in the IAM landscape were not up to the mark. They realised that the secret to achieving success with IAM solutions is with registering the right information and integrating the right solution with the correct business process. That is when the owners put their heads together to develop a revolutionary software package, IdentySoft and set the wheels in motion for EasySecure International.

“Today, we are established as an access and identity management solution provider with over 600,000 users using our cloud-based software for access control; time, attendance, and visitor management; and project management,” begins Werner Roest, CEO of EasySecure International.

The company’s highly secure and easy-to-use IdentySoft focuses on three core areas: multi-location, integration, and registration. It is designed to support multiple languages and various roles. For example, a company in England can manage their subsidiaries located in different places. The authorised local officer in France can log in to the software using his preferred language and access the necessary location-specific data.

Further, with a plethora of excellent software available today, every company wants to use the best available option to better execute everyday business operations. “To facilitate this, we deliver ‘best of breed solutions’ for different sections as per customer needs,” highlights Roest. As a middleware platform for identity management, IdentySoft allows organisations to connect disparate applications in order to improve overall business efficiency and enhance scalability. “For example, HR departments can send employee information to IdentySoft and our time registration information can be sent to the client’s HR software for planning and payroll,” explains Roest.

As far as registration is considered, the company uses high-quality biometrics integrated with fingerprint scanners and facial recognition terminals. It is now extended with various other features like keypads, card readers, and wireless cylinder locks, providing organisations the flexibility to decide on the registration methods best suited for every location. Through a card reader or a fingerprint sensor, employees can log in to their respective departments, while the software gives managers access to any information related to employees. What further sets them apart is that they undergo external quality assurance, code-checks, and penetration tests multiple times a year to ensure the security and safety of the software and client data.

With a proven track record of delivering robust software solutions, EasySecure will continue to invest in new technologies and bring high-quality cloud-based solutions for their customers. The company also intends to establish its footprint in the UK and Northern Europe region with their current solution and with many more integration partners.

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