DOM Cylinder

Take your existing security system to the next level with DOM wireless cylinders.

Take your existing security system to the next level with DOM Wireless Cylinders. With this digital upgrade, you can extend your current system to include doors and other access points such as lockers, which previously could not be managed.

With the highest security certifications, such as VDS, SKG, IP, T90, this cylinder meets all European EN standards. The Plug & Play system offers you flexibility, with just a few parts always giving you the right fit immediately. With 10 different versions, we have a solution for almost every door situation.

Registration with: Mobile phone and/or card.

BioStation 3
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Facial recognition, Card & Smartphone

BioStation 3

The BioStation 3 sets a new standard in access control and attendance, delivering a new access experience that enables enhanced security for all doors, for organizations of all sizes.

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Facial recognition, Finger, Card & Smartphone

FaceStation F2 - Fingerscan

Face recognition for outdoors and indoors! This high-speed terminal is suitable for access, time, attendance and visitor management.

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Code, Card & Smartphone

XPass 2 - Code

Lightning-fast access control with mobile phone, code and card..