DOM Guard / Guard S

The DOM Guard is not only beautiful, it also has a long service life and is absolutely secure. And: it can be installed in no time!

The ENiQ Guard is the new digital door fitting from DOM. In the Guard, we combine design with durability and safety. The robust Guard hardware is not only attractive, it also has a long service life and is absolutely safe. And: it can be installed in no time at all!

More and more institutions and companies are opting for digital access management. Logical, because there are plenty of advantages. For users and administrators. The two most important plus points: users open and close doors conveniently with a tag or smartphone, and as the manager you have complete control over access within your location.

Registration with: Mobile phone and/or card.

BioStation 3
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Facial recognition, Card & Smartphone

BioStation 3

The BioStation 3 sets a new standard in access control and attendance, delivering a new access experience that enables enhanced security for all doors, for organizations of all sizes.

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Facial recognition, Finger, Card & Smartphone

FaceStation F2 - Fingerscan

Face recognition for outdoors and indoors! This high-speed terminal is suitable for access, time, attendance and visitor management.

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Code, Card & Smartphone

XPass 2 - Code

Lightning-fast access control with mobile phone, code and card..