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BioStar 2

A BioStar 2 upgrade to the newest version needs to be done in multiple steps. Example: U have V2.4.0 running at this moment, to be able to upgrade to the newest version you first need to upgrade to V2.4.1 then to V2.5.0 and from there step by step until you reached the desired version of BioStar 2. 

Warning! Do not delete the installation before updating but install the new version over of the old installation. When deleting all data (user settings, finger-templates, cards etc.) will be lost!

BioStar V2.7.10:

BioStar 2 Drivers:


BioStar License: 

Since BioStar V2.6 the license structure has been changed. BioStar is free up to 5 doors. If you want to attach more doors or use certain functionality such as mobile cards, mobile app or fire alarm integrations you need a one-time license. The license structure and the pricing can be found in the documents below: 

BioStar 1


BioStar V1.93:

BioStar 1 Drivers:

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