Construction sites are undergoing rapid development. Laws and regulations require investments in access control and person registration, but many of the automated systems currently available on the market are complex and permanent. We believed this could be done differently.

Specifically for the construction sector, we partnered with Heras to develop the Smart Access system: an all-in cloud solution for security, access control, and person registration. It’s easy to use and versatile.


  • Access control and person registration in one
    Administrative hassle makes way for control, insight, and accuracy, with incredible time savings.

  • Biometric identification
    The finger is the key. Identification is always personal, and you will know at all times who has access to the building site.

  • Registration via mobile phone, key card, code, and/or vehicle registration
    The ideal access control solution consists of the right components for you.

  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and client requirements
    Demonstrate your professionalism and meet all laws and regulations.

  • Instant access wherever you are (cloud)
    The EasySecure Cloud Solution is accessible any time and anywhere. The system also functions when you are offline.

  • One package that meets your needs
    Every project is different, and our various software packages give you full control of how you monitor your building site.

  • Location overview at the click of a button
    Know who is on your site at all times at the click of a button. Instant insight from any location.

  • The foundation of a safe building site
    In the event of an emergency, you will immediately know who is on site. We guarantee 24/7 security and make it impossible for unwanted visitors to gain access to the building site.


More time for construction
The system generates added value for all projects. Convenient and time-saving, it allows you to focus entirely on your core construction tasks. The Smart Access system has a fast return on the investment.

  • One-time authorization, interim adjustments
  • Efficient monitoring of employee activity
  • Remote access allocation
  • Digital person registration
  • Accurate input for salary administration


Real-time overview of the construction site
Large building sites have a continuous stream of people and transport vehicles. Who is present and not present on site? Heras Smart Access uses our EasySecure cloud software, which gives you access to key data from any location. You always have an up-to-date overview of all people present at a given location. This is convenient during daily activities and crucial during an emergency.

Plug-and-play system for access control at temporary locations
We offer access control and person registration in one. Administrative hassle makes way for control, insight, accuracy, and time savings.

User registration
Users can register in advance, which makes management a lot less labour-intensive.  

Cloud management
Users can log in from any location. Multiple administrators can be assigned to manage different locations, users, and access groups.

EasySecure International deliberately opts for integration to ensure the ideal package. You select the best solutions specifically tailored to your sector and organization. Thanks to the integration options, this produces a well-coordinated solution.

We offer integration for certification, safety instructions, and Check-in-at-Work, a mandatory system to register presence with the National Social Security Office (RSZ). This law applies to all construction sites in Belgium and can be arranged automatically through us!

Used by    

  • ASK Romein
  • Ballast Nedam
  • BAM
  • EQIN
  • Hegeman
  • Hooyberghs
  • Hurks
  • Kuijpers
  • Peinemann
  • Siemens
  • UBA
  • Van Wijnen
  • Zublin



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