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A2, L2 & W2 now available!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

The newest Suprema hardware is now in stock at EasySecure International! Would you like to know more? In this article you can watch some introduction videos and the corresponding brochures.

Of course you can always contact contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration!

BioStation A2

The BioStation A2 is Suprema's latest time attendance terminal. It is lightning fast, has a touch screen, code table and card reader and up to 500,000 users can work with it!

View BioStation A2 Brochure

BioStation L2

The BioStation L2 is the newest time and attendance terminal in the Suprema product line. The L2 is equipped with a pin code, finger and card reader. Up to 500.000 users can be stored in the memory of the L2.

View BioStation L2 Brochure

BioEntry W2

The BioEntry W2 is the latest addition to our access control range. The W2 is very suitable for outdoor use and is therefore IP67-rated. This anti-vandalism scanner features a finger and card reader and up to 500,000 users can use the device.

View BioEntry W2 Brochure

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