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Access control for construction

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The construction site is a dynamic location. There is a constant coming and going of people, vehicles, and materials. In addition, there are various parties and individuals involved in a construction project. Take into consideration, for example, architects, project leader(s),contractors, subcontractors, construction workers with different specialities(masonry, windows and frames, carpentry) and suppliers of building materials, doors and windows.

Keeping an overview in such a richly varied, often hectic environment can be quite a task. But digital technology offers a solution: a good access control system that allows you to accurately keep track of who is on the construction site and when. Read all about the advantages of access control in construction and EasySecure's solution to help you!


Why access control for construction?

There are several reasons why a good access control system is indispensable in a modern construction environment. We list the most important ones for you.

Fast access for the right people

With a good access control system, you give the right people quick and easy access to the construction site. With EasySecure's solution, your employees can pre-register and log in to the construction site via their own login environment. Everyone has access to their own data. The benefit? You can spend more time on construction and spend fewer hours on access control.


You easily keep out unauthorised people without the right credentials, even outside working hours. In the event of an emergency, you immediately know which people are on site. For example, is there an in-house emergency or first-aid worker present? A good access control solution is an investment in continuous security.

Manage the construction site remotely

A modern, cloud-based access control system allows you to manage the construction site from any location. You can assign different administrators rights and roles to remotely manage different sites, contractors, users, and access groups.

Focus on your core business

As a construction company, you want to focus on your core business: building efficiently to the highest quality standards and inline with regulations. With a good access control system, you can do this and spend much less time and energy keeping track of who is or was at the construction site and when.  

Access control for construction sites withEasySecure

Not all access control solutions are equally user-friendly. Moreover, they are often not tailored to the specific needs and challenges of construction sites. EasySecure tells a different story...With the access control solution for construction sites developed by EasySecure andHeras, you benefit from the following features:

  • Various registration options.Depending on your preference, you can use the mobile phone, a QR code, card, code, fingerprint, facial recognition, or license plate registration.
  • The cloud-based system is directly accessible anytime, anywhere and continues to function even if you are(temporarily) offline. With a single click, you get insight into who is and was on your premises from any location.
  • For every project, EasySecure delivers its own added value. You decide how you control the construction site and can tailor the registration and control methods very precisely to the particularities of a specific construction project.
  • EasySecure provides extensive possibilities for contractor and supply chain management. Via a private login environment, a construction company's own employees can pre-register and log into the construction site. Everyone has access to their own data. The benefit? You can focus on building and spend less time on access control.
  • With EasySecure, you easily automate various checks. Think, for example, of automatic passport checks or VCA checks.
  • Extensive integration possibilities. Examples? Integrations with certification and safety instructions or an integration with Check in at Work, a compulsory attendance registration with the Social Security (NSSO). This law applies to all construction sites in Belgium.
  • The ability to use different registration methods for locking and opening the construction site and fencing is distinctive. People know they can fall back on their permanent pass or mobile for access. simple and unambiguous!

Want to know more about access control for construction?

Would you also like to benefit from a modern and user-friendly access control system that meets the specific challenges of the construction industry? And would you like to know what EasySecure has to offer in this respect? Then feel free to contact us without obligation. Call +31(0)85 01500 00, send an e-mail to or fill in the contactform on our website.

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