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Access control for the shop with EasySecure

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Access control for the shop with EasySecure

Good access control is an essential part of the modern retail business. A system that manages this well makes life easier for everyone involved. Employees starting the afternoon or evening shift do not have to chase after colleagues for the key and can start their working day at once. The branch manager, for his part, does not have to answer the familiar question "Where are the keys?" several times a day.

A good access control solution also keeps track of the comings and goings of suppliers or mechanics outside regular opening hours. It is also a good solution for managing stock and minimising the risk of theft. You can see who has access to which doors and ensure that only authorised personnel can enter shop and storage areas.

Down with the classic key

Many shops still work with a classical form of physical key management. This is not practical in the modern retail sector, for example, because you often work with flexible workers such as part-timers and on-call workers. Because it is not uncommon for schoolchildren and students to be involved, there is usually also a high turnover of staff. In such cases, constantly issuing and collecting new keys or having physical keys made is an expensive and time-consuming affair.

EasySecure allows you to manage your access control in a simple and reliable way. You can create a keyless shop and make it easy for authorised persons to gain access. With a contactless solution, you automate the granting and blocking of access to rooms and doors. You can choose from various means of identification. A personalised card for the smartphone, a QR code, the number plate of a vehicle, recognition by fingerprint or face recognition: you determine which solution best suits the needs of your shop and the wishes of the shop personnel.


One of the strengths of EasySecure's access registration solution is that the software provides you with a convenient overview. You can see exactly who has access to certain doors at a glance. The manager can give or take away rights directly. Have there been any changes in the workforce? Then you don't need to have new physical keys made or reclaim keys from departing staff. Instead, you can adjust the access rights with a few mouse clicks in your cloud environment.

The advantages of digital access control for the shop

By opting for a digital access control system, you immediately benefit from a number of important advantages.

With personal ID media, you define precisely which access points and at what times employees, suppliers, delivery staff or maintenance technicians have access to your shop premises.

You simplify and centralise access management. No more hassle with keys and no extra costs for generating new copies.

A minimum investment as you can usually continue to use existing locks and doors.

● Collect accurate and real-time verifiable data on opening and closing times.

An extra advantage of EasySecure is that our access control system can be integrated with all your other IT systems and software packages. Think for example of more than 80 HR, WFM, payroll and planning packages, but also of cameras, lockers, alarms and time registration systems. Do you want to combine access control with time and attendance registration? Then EasySecure offers an all-in-one package for all these services.

In addition, access control through EasySecure guarantees flexibility and security. The systems are suitable for every type of shop (from the small neighbourhood shop to a megastore with dozens of branches). You can view the presence and access registration per branch, but also manage the entire chain. When it comes to security and privacy, we work together with the best Dutch hosting parties and we use the latest security techniques. Our high-quality hardware is tamper-proof and burglar-proof. The hardware meets SKG***, IP65, IP67 and IK08 standards.

More information

Are you looking for a customised access system for your shop? And would you like to know more about EasySecure's access control solution? Please feel free to contact us by calling +31(0)85 01500 00 or emailing You can also fill out the contact form on our website. We will be happy to help you with expert advice.

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