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Access control options for companies

Monday, November 7, 2022

A good access control system offers businesses many benefits. It ensures that you always see and know who is entering a building or room. In addition, authorized persons get access to the right areas easier and faster. Also, the hassle with physical keys (keys getting lost, making new keys for newly hired employees) is definitely a thing of the past with a high-quality and modern form of access control.

In the hotel and leisure industry, access control also offers opportunities to increase hospitality by giving guests quick and easy access to their rooms, holiday cottages and all available facilities. Long waits for access are definitely a thing of the past.

Fortunately, modern technology offers plenty of opportunities to set up access controls in an increasingly user-friendly and efficient way. In this article, we examine the options available to you as a company to arrange access control in a modern and flawless way.

Access control via mobile phone

access control mobile phone

The mobile phone is a device that almost all of us always have with us these days. With asolution like EasySecure Mobile Access, you effortlessly use your ownsmartphone as key to access buildings, rooms and doors. The technology behindthis solution? A mobile, smartphone-specific digital card that you can send toan employee via e-mail or text message.

The user simply must press a button to retrieve the card and can then use his or her iPhone or Android phone to gain access. It is also not at all difficult to block the mobile access card, for example, if an employee's phone is lost or someone leaves the company.

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Access control via finger scan

access control finger scan

It is of course also possible to use biometrics (unique physical characteristics of an individual) for access control. A good example is using the fingerprint unique to each person for access control. The finger is thus the key that grants someone access to a building or room. An employee or visitor places his or her finger on a scanner and can thereby open a door or register him or herself.

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Access control via facial recognition

access control facial recognition

Another form of access control based on a unique external characteristic is facialr ecognition. The user registers a photo that is transferred into a database.Does that person report to an access gate or secured door? If so, the system compares the image with the stored photo of the face. Is there a match? That is when the door or gate opens.

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Access control with QR code

access control QR code

The QR code is now a well-known and widely used phenomenon in our society. It is used for a wide and diverse range of purposes. Think, for example, of reading entrance tickets, the corona vaccination certificate and modern payment apps.

The QR code is also a useful tool for performing access control. Are you expecting a visitor or guest? Or do you see in the schedule that an employee needs access to a certain location at a certain time? You can send the person in question aQR code via e-mail or text message. The visitor can place that personal code on a scanner, gaining thereby access to the appropriate room(s) or facilities.

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Access control with card

Access control card

Another possibility is card-based access control. This kind of system uses a card reader that uses a chip to read the card data. The data on the card is personalized, therefore exercising access control at the individual level.

There are so-called stand-alone card readers (individually programmed) and integrated card readers (centrally programmable and managed with special managementsoftware). Integrated card readers are also great for linking to registration systems, surveillance cameras and fire alarms.

A major advantage of card-based access control at EasySecure is the fact that our systems use multi-card readers. The scanners support virtually all card types(smart cards, key cards and more), offering unprecedented flexibility.

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Access control with code

access control code

Code-based access control is another option offered by EasySecure. A visitor, employee or guest receives a unique code on his device (usually smartphone) and can identify himself with the push of a button when arriving on location. An easy and secure way to quickly gain access to a company building, office, hotel room or vacation home!

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Access control with license plate

Accesscontrol can also start right at the parking lot. By choosing access control vialicense plate, a visitor or employee no longer even needs a pass, code orbadge. A camera equipped with license plate recognition software scans a storedlicense plate and tests it against the existing information in the database. Isthere a match? he system can then immediately grant access to the driver.

License plate access control is ideal for paid parking, hotel or resort parking lots, private parking garages or marinas. Access control with license plate is also great for linking to a barrier system.

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Want to know more about access control for your business?

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