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Access control for retail and supermarkets

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Access control for retail and supermarkets

Reliable access control is important for retailers and supermarkets. Shops, for example, often employ flexible workers who work on a part-time or on-call basis. Think, for example, of schoolchildren or students who earn a little extra money by working in a shop. This leads to a high turnover rate of personnel and shifts or individual employees who change regularly. In chains with several branches, this picture is even more complex.

In addition, site managers in supermarkets and other retail outlets have to deal with maintenance teams or suppliers who drop by at variable times, often outside opening hours. It is also important, of course, from the point of view of security and theft prevention, to properly regulate who has access to which doors and areas. Read on to find out how EasySecure helps retailers and supermarkets to professionalise, automate and simplify their access management.

Keyless shop

In many shops, key management is an activity that consumes a lot of staff time and energy. Think of branch managers who are pestered several times a day with the familiar question: "Can I have the keys?" Or employees who, when starting their shift, have to look for the colleague who has just finished and has to hand over the keys. Not to mention the fact that keys are lost or that extra copies have to be made for new employees...

With EasySecure you don't have to worry about all these things anymore and you can create a keyless shop quickly and easily. You now operate doors with a contactless solution that automates 'give and block access' to specific areas within your shop. You can choose from various means of identification. A personalised card for the smartphone, a QR code, the license plate of a vehicle, recognition by fingerprint or facial recognition: everything is possible.

The success of wireless locks and digital keys

The use of technology for wireless locks and digital keys as an alternative to physical keys has increased significantly worldwide in recent years. This is partly because physical keys only provide minimal security. Keys, cards, codes, magnetic cards: all these things are portable and therefore easily fall into the wrong hands or are sometimes lost. Digital keys are not only more secure, but also more cost-effective. Wireless locks now offer possibilities that were previously only available via wired doors. And at a lower price tag, too.

Granting and withdrawing rights

In the overview provided by the EasySecure access control software, you can see exactly who has access to certain doors at a glance. The manager can either grant or deny access immediately. Have there been any changes in the workforce? Then you do not need to have new physical keys made or to demand keys from departing staff. Instead, you can adjust the access rights with a few mouse clicks in your cloud environment. The system is not only flexible, but also very quick and easy to use. A handy extra: it is also possible to connect wireless lockers to your cloud system for access registration.

Why EasySecure access control?

There are several reasons why EasySecure is the best and most reliable choice for retailers and supermarkets looking for a good access control system. For example, you can install and use our solutions quickly. We can install the wireless systems on any door and then make the software available on your desktops and mobile devices via the cloud.

In addition, our access control solutions integrate perfectly with all your other IT systems and software packages. Think for example of more than 80 HR, WFM, payroll and planning packages, but also of cameras, lockers, alarms and time registration systems. Do you want to combine access control with time registration and attendance registration? Then EasySecure offers an all-in-one package for all these services.

Other advantages of access control via EasySecure?

  • The solution is suitable for every type of shop. It doesn't matter whether you manage a small neighbourhood shop, a megastore or an entire chain of shops.
  • The head office can view access and attendance information for all shops within a chain. But the branch manager can also choose to manage only his own location. You have an overview of who is present at different locations at all times. This way, retailers or supermarket owners always have full remote control, regardless of the number of locations.
  • In the field of security and privacy, we work together with the best Dutch hosting parties and use the latest security techniques. Our high-quality hardware is tamper-proof and burglar-proof. The hardware meets SKG***, IP65, IP67 and IK08 standards.

More information

Are you looking for a customised access system for your shop? And would you like to know more about EasySecure's access control solution? Then feel free to contact us by calling +31(0)85 01500 00 or sending an e-mail to U you can also use the contactformulier on our website. We will gladly provide you with expert advice.

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