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Access control for the swimming pool

Monday, November 29, 2021

Access control for the swimming pool

The swimming pool is a popular place for relaxation and exercise. Do some laps to get in shape. Or relaxing in the jacuzzi or whirlpool: these are the small pleasures of life that can work wonders.

In a swimming pool, various activities often take place at different times. Think, for example, of special sessions for the elderly, school swimming and the regular use of the outdoor pool and whirlpools. This range of activities requires good access control, so that you know exactly who is where. Especially in times of corona, such a control has added value and helps people to enjoy all your swimming facilities safely and without worries.

EasySecure's solutions take access control to a higher level and ensure that hospitality and overview go hand in hand in a natural way. Read on to find out how we achieve this.

Direct access to the swimming pool

When people come to exercise or recreate in your pool, they want to get into the water as quickly as possible. This is possible with a good access control solution. Members or regular visitors can make a reservation by phone, for example, after which you can assign rights to their reservation or membership card.

With this reservation you can grant visitors access to the car park, but also to specific areas or events within the swimming pool. Think for example of the changing rooms, bubble baths and the competition pool. EasySecure offers different ways to arrange both manned and unmanned access control for the swimming pool. This access control does not have to be limited to guests, but can also be extended to external service providers that visit your pool. Think for example of cleaning teams and the suppliers of food and drinks for the canteen.


QR codes are modern and popular digital tools with a wide range of applications. They are also perfectly suited for controlling access control in a swimming pool. You simply send the QR code via e-mail to your employees or guests. They then place the QR code under the scanner and gain direct access to their preferred swimming pools, lockers in the changing rooms or the swimming pool in a holiday park.

Face recognition

It is also possible for visitors to register their face remotely by taking a selfie. By sending and uploading the photo, the pool manager can create a template for access. Upon arrival, access to the swimming pool and all its facilities is fast, contactless and secure.


Another solution for access control to the swimming pool is the use of a code. You create this code in the software and send it via e-mail to employees, cleaning teams or suppliers. From the EasySecure cloud environment you can then create a code or block it. This way, you can easily regulate who is allowed to enter where and when. Authorized persons can use their code immediately upon arrival.


Licence registration is also a valuable option for access control in swimming pools. Does a visitor show his/her registered license plate? Then, for example, the barrier will open automatically to allow the employee or guest access to the swimming pool car park. That saves a lot of time and is a sign of good hospitality.

Probleemloos integreren

EasySecure's access control solutions are easy to integrate with the websites and reservation systems that your swimming pool uses. For example, it is possible to link a QR code, license plate registration, facial recognition, finger scan, code or card for access control to your reservation system. This way, you always know who is in the pool and the guest quickly gets access to the facilities he wants to use.

EasySecure also provides seamless integrations with the well-known and necessary (software) parties within the hospitality and recreation industry. Think of more than 80 reservation, PMS, HR, WFM, planning and payroll packages, but also a wide range of property management and planning systems. Ideal for creating a contactless check-in.

Meer weten?

Do you also want to use a good and user-friendly access control for your swimming pool? EasySecure will gladly help you. Want to know more about our solutions? Call +31(085) 01500 00, send an e-mail to or fill in the contact form on our website. We are happy to help you!

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