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Access Control with a Mobile App: Safer, Faster, and Easier

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The technological revolution has digitized a significant part of our daily lives. However, it's still quite common to open the doors of your home or business premises with a physical key. But that's about to change!

The popularity of Access Control as a Service platforms is rapidly growing, and it makes sense because this digitized approach to access control offers many advantages for both administrators and users. This is further enhanced by the introduction of access control with a mobile app, turning your smartphone into your key, always at your fingertips. It's time to dive deeper into this development!

What is Access Control with a Mobile App?

You're probably familiar with the feeling of realizing your key is once again misplaced or accidentally left inside when you close the door behind you. With your phone as your key, these frustrations become a thing of the past. Access control with a mobile app involves replacing your physical key with an app on your smartphone.

But it goes beyond that. While a physical key only grants you access, our app offers much more convenience:

  • Register your time or presence with a single tap.
  • Add your license plate so that you gain automatic access from that point on.
  • Retrieve a unique access code for easy, one-time entry.
  • Grant permission to register your data and upload a selfie for instant access to biometrically protected access options, and withdraw your permission to remove access rights and your personal data immediately.

Not Only Easier, but Also Safer

Losing a physical key poses a significant security risk since whoever finds it gains instant access to your property, increasing the risk of theft.

This risk is considerably reduced when using a mobile app. In case of losing your phone, both the phone and the app are protected by multiple layers of security, significantly enhancing your organization's safety.

You Determine Who Gets Access

The benefits of using the mobile app extend not only to its users but also to the administrators, making their work easier and more efficient, thus saving both time and costs.

As the administrator of the Access Control as a Service platform, you have full control. Grant access rights to a new employee quickly and easily or send a one-time access code to provide immediate entry to a visitor, all without the need for physical presence on-site. If you need to restrict access to a specific area for a certain time, you can easily manage it within the EasySecure platform.

It Can Get Even More Efficient

While access control with a mobile app already brings significant time savings and increased convenience, there is an even greater efficiency gain to be had. By integrating various solutions into one comprehensive management platform, unnecessary steps can be eliminated. EasySecure offers, in addition to access control, the following solutions to save time and costs:

Through the seamless integration of these components with the EasySecure platform and the app, you save a significant amount of time. Let's take a supermarket as an example.

From manual time registration and physical keys to a seamlessly integrated digital system: A practical example

A business facility often deals with the following aspects:

  • Incoming and outgoing employees (granting access rights)
  • Employee check-in and check-out (attendance registration)
  • Recording hours worked per department (time registration)
  • Granting access rights per area (access control)

Using physical keys for access results in unnecessary time loss and security risks, while manually recording hours worked per department is time-consuming.

EasySecure integrates these different aspects seamlessly into one comprehensive platform that can be managed online and controlled via a smartphone:

  • Access with the EasySecure app on your smartphone
  • Digital check-in and check-out
  • Digital time registration per department
  • Automatic extension and removal of access rights and mobile app features through integration with the HR system and Active Directory
  • Always visible which employees are present

Do you want to implement mobile app access in your organization? Do you want to increase security and optimize your processes simultaneously? EasySecure makes it possible. Contact us for a free consultation or call +31 (0)85 01500 00.

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