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Access control with badge: what is it, and how does it work?

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A sound access control system is indispensable to a safe and user-friendly working environment. You can easily keep doors and gates closed for unauthorized people while ensuring that employees, visitors, guests, and suppliers can enter the site quickly and conveniently.

A good access control system also offers possibilities for customization in a building. You effortlessly set up an authorization and access system that gives authorized people access to specific areas at certain times. Additionally, it gives you clarity into people’s access rights, and you can keep a log of who has visited a particular location or room. Modern techniques ensure less complexity, more security, and more user-friendliness.

In addition to biometric access control, access control with a mobile phone, and access control with a card, you can also opt for access control with a badge. Learn about the advantages of badge access control in this article.

What is badge access control?

Badge access control is currently one of the most popular methods. You no longer need to search for the right key with this method. Instead, the user receives a badge linked to their data, such as their name, date of birth, and the position or role someone occupies.

This badge is a personal access key for opening gates and doors. Such a badge often takes the form of a card that looks like a bank card but can also be a drop. In addition, it is possible to incorporate a badge into a bracelet or wristband.

How does access control with a badge work?

But how does access control with a badge work in daily practice? First, it is essential to map out the role and function of employees, guests, and visitors to create an excellent and watertight badge system. Then, decide what access rights you would like to give them.

If you have a clear picture, you can determine which gates and doors you want to give someone access to. The authorized persons then receive a badge linked to their data which acts as an electronic key for opening gates or doors. The user holds the badge before a special scanner or badge reader. Has their identity been successfully verified? Then the gate or door opens automatically.

What are the advantages of access control with a badge?

Access control with a badge has several advantages over comparable solutions. We briefly list the most important pros.

Simple and cheap

Badge access control is one of the easiest to install and deploy modern access control variants. The technology behind it is simple, and many people are already familiar with the concept. The price of access control with a badge is also lower than that of many other registration systems.

Save time

Access control with a badge saves time. Employees can easily find the right keys for a gate or door. They gain access in seconds. A badge also reduces waiting times for visitors and guests. This way, they can get to work faster and be on time for their next appointment.

For hotels and holiday parks, access control with a badge gives guests faster and easier access to rooms, cottages, or facilities. Long waiting times at the reception are now a thing of the past. A sign of hospitality that people will certainly appreciate!


Access control with a badge also improves security. A personal badge is much more challenging to counterfeit than a traditional key. In addition, the badge is linked to a specific person with personal ID information.

Flexible and scalable

Are there changes within your organization? No problem. You can create almost unlimited extra badges for new employees or guests with badge access control. And you can deactivate a badge if employees leave or collaborate with a supplier or partner.

Accurately determine access profiles

Must certain people within the organization be authorized to enter all areas? And are there people who only have partial access rights? With an access control solution with a badge, you can quickly and easily create the profiles needed to set these specific access rights and link them to particular people.

History of access

Access control with a badge allows you to create a history of the access granted. This way, you always have an overview of which areas are opened with which badge. Furthermore, if there has ever been unauthorized access (a minimal chance with this type of access control), you can quickly detect such a case.

Integration with other systems

You can easily integrate access control with a badge with many other systems at EasySecure. Consider, for example, our solutions for time, attendance, and visitor registration, but also numerous popular and frequently used software packages within sectors such as recreation, logistics, the hotel industry, and the wholesale and retail trade.

Access, time, and attendance registration combine with EasySecure in one uniform, all-encompassing cloud solution. You can therefore manage and use all systems largely independent of location and on a diverse range of devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones). In addition, the EasySecure software can also be easily linked to camera software, alarm systems, and fire alarm systems. This is how you take safety within your organization to the next level.


Access control with a badge is suitable for organizations in various industries. For example, think of:

  • Construction. There is a continuous coming and going of people on construction sites. Access control with a badge gives authorized people quick and easy access to the construction site. Users can pre-register.
  • The leisure sector. Give guests quick and easy access to their rooms, holiday homes, and all holiday park or hotel facilities. Long waiting times at the reception are a thing of the past, giving the concept of hospitality a new dimension.
  • Business services. No more troubles with keys, but instead a personalized badge that gives authorized persons quick and easy access to office and meeting rooms.
  • Retail and supermarkets have many different opening and supply hours. Various employees fill these hours with varying shifts. Thanks to access control with a badge, you can be sure everyone has access to the right areas.
  • Transport, industry, and logistics. Companies in these sectors often work with flex workers and receive many visitors and suppliers. Access control allows employees and visitors to open gates and doors quickly and safely.
  • Care and welfare. Badge access control strikes the perfect balance between hospitality and security in this sector.
  • Private. An access control system with a badge is not limited to business use but can also be used privately. For example, give the babysitter or cleaner access to your home at the touch of a button.

Learn more?

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