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Broadly applicable solution for PARCLS with DOM

Friday, July 30, 2021

Smart and secure registration with DOM Netherlands

A shared vision of quality, flexibility, security and reliability. EasySecure finds that in DOM Nederland. "Based on that vision, and with the wireless products of DOM Nederland, together we can offer smart registration solutions," says Daan Kalkman, Deputy Director of EasySecure. DOM Nederland develops and produces mechanical and electronic access control components and has been an integration partner of EasySecure since 2018.

Already in 2005, EasySecure cooperated briefly with DOM Nederland. "After the introduction of DOM Connect, we started talking about possibilities again and those talks led to the cooperation we have now. A partnership in which we strengthen each other because our software and the components of DOM Nederland fit together seamlessly," says Kalkman. If in 2005 the market was not yet ready for online wireless access control, in 2018 it was different. "

With the access control components of DOM Nederland, EasySecure can offer customers an even more efficient registration package. Kalkman: "By integrating access control with presence registration, time registration, visitor registration and possibly project registration, the customer can use the data for different business units without additional actions. Quick, safe and flexible.

The wireless components of DOM Nederland in particular provide added value. "We don't have to lay any cables, so we save a lot of time during installation. As a result, we can deliver quickly", says Kalkman. Ease of use and freedom of choice also play a major role in the joint solution. "The components of DOM Nederland can be operated online, offline and via data on card.

The solution that EasySecure offers together with DOM Nederland turns out to be perfect for PARCLS, a fast-growing company that provides storage and delivery for postal packages. Kalkman: "PARCLS is growing very fast and is getting more and more branches spread over the country. Secure access control and attendance registration are therefore very important. We can meet that demand."

But there are more advantages that PARCLS can take advantage of. "For example, when it comes to the remuneration of employees or the access they need to different locations. You don't want any hassle with separate keys. Via our platform, the customer can very quickly and easily assign role-based properties to a digital key."

According to Kalkman, EasySecure has found a partner in DOM Nederland that offers added value by actively and substantively thinking along with the customer. "Because, like us, DOM Nederland also goes for quality, security and flexibility, our cooperation provides added value for our customers."

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