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EasySecure enters into cooperation with Tamigo

Monday, December 23, 2019

Tamigo is the solution in Online Workforce Management. Tamigo simplifies daily processes for the shop floor in an intuitive way - app, work schedules, changes, absence / leave and actual hours - while supporting complex and in-depth components - collective labour agreement regulations, budgeting, forecasting, competence planning, (employee) productivity, wage and absence rates.

The real-time link with EasySecure gives customers - in addition to optimal planning - control over the hours worked by their employees. This allows managers to make daily adjustments to the planning!

Thanks to their international presence, they provide customers in 14 countries with unlimited local support.

Tamigo's flexible platform ensures that both small customers (5 -10 employees) and international implementations at multinational companies (5,000+ employees) derive maximum benefit for their business.

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