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Employers fond of fingerprint clock

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The time clock is back. However, the device is much more advanced and accurate than before. Employees are now digitally scanned ('clocked') via mobile phone, personal card, tag, code or biometrics.

According to temporary employment agency Tempo Team, the time clock is rapidly gaining in popularity: More and more employers who hire their temporary workers through Tempo Team use the time clock data as the basis for salary processing, according to the agency.

Clients can use the time clock to find out more easily how many hours someone has worked exactly and how much pay should be paid to the temporary employment agency.Want to know more? Then contact EasySecure International now!

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Werkgevers dol op vingerprikklok

Mobile Time Registration is now also available from EasySecure!

Mobile time registration is now available from EasySecure. Safe, simple and suitable for iPhone and Android devices.

Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone for time and attendance registration.

Using your smartphone as a key makes managing and using an access card much easier, faster and safer.

Issuing and withdrawing a card also becomes a lot easier. From your software environment, you immediately send an e-mail or SMS to the user to retrieve the mobile card. Using one's own smartphone as a key reduces the risk of loss and maintenance costs when replacing cards.

Moreover, users are less likely to hand in their smartphones to ensure correct time and attendance.

Mobile Access can be combined with our card readers for access control. Of course, besides mobile registration, it is also possible to work with a physical card, code or biometrics.

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